What’s up fellow aviators? Today’s interview is of Justin Siems, the founder of the rapidly growing Pilot to Pilot podcast, a show in which Justin interviews fellow pilots- from student to airline pilots- to inspire a future generation of aviators. Justin is currently a PC-12 pilot for a Part 135 cargo and charter operation. Justin comes from an aviation-rich family, his grandfather flew in WWII and his father is currently a captain at American Airlines. Despite his background, growing up, Justin never planned to become a commercial pilot, it was only during college that Justin decided to pursue flying for a living.

Today, the interview is reversed, with the questions directed towards Justin. Let’s get started:

What sparked your interest in interviewing other passionate like-minded aviators?

“I’ve always loved talking with pilots and was intrigued how everyone had such a different story. It wasn’t until I hit the slow months flying freight that my wife suggested that I do something more than play video games in my off days. She suggested I start a podcast about aviation. I thought it was a great idea but convinced myself no one wants to listen to me talk on a podcast. A few months after my wife’s suggestion I decided to give it a shot and created the Pilot to Pilot podcast.”

What’s been the most rewarding experience you’ve received by learning about others’ stories and connecting with aviators across the globe?

“The best part of the podcast is the feedback. I love hearing how an episode has affected someone’s career. For instance, after the Logan Flood episode, I received a ton of feedback on how that episode impacted their lives and career. I’m very thankful for Logan to trust me with sharing his story!”

What is the most important thing you hope young aspiring aviators take away from your podcast?

I hope young aviators can understand that you don’t have to be an airline pilot to have a great career in aviation. There are so many different types of flying that you can do as a career or to build time. For instance, if you’re on the airline path you don’t have to become a flight instructor to build your time. Instead, you can build your time via aerial survey or freight flying. Keep your options open and maintain good connections with everyone you meet. In this industry, often times, it is who, not what you know, that can help land you your dream job.

To learn more about Justin and to listen to his podcast, visit his website at https://pilottopilothq.com/.