I recently flew from Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST) to Munich Airport (MUC) on a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300 (Reg: TC-LOE).

I came from Tbilisi, Georgia, where I didn’t have to check in. However, I had to kill some time at the airport, which was quite overcrowded. Every single gate was constantly busy. It’s really time for the new airport; otherwise, this one will just collapse.

It was quite easy to find the gate, but it was also quite a long way to walk. Our gate was 305, which is located on the lower level, so I knew we would have a bus-boarding, which I quite appreciated as a planespotter.

When I entered the plane, I was at first quite surprised because everything was nearly new. The seats were very thin but still very comfortable. The screens for the In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system were very large and had perfectly working touchscreens and a clean controller.

The windows were also very clean, so it was possible to take pictures through them without getting any blur. Boarding was fast and occurred without any problems. After pushback, we taxied to the active runway, which was 35L. We had to wait fifteen minutes due to a line of ten other planes in front of us, which caused a delay. We took off at 15:29 UTC.

Right after takeoff, the meal was served.

There was only one option: rice with vegetables. I was quite surprised about the metal cutlery that came with the food. Also included in the meal was a small starter and dessert, a small wet towel, and a bread with butter and two drinks by choice. After the meal, the friendly crew also served a drink. There was an option of hot tea or coffee. As I can remember, it was the best meal I have had over the clouds.

Finally, we approached runway 08R at Munich. It was a bumpy approach but a smooth landing at 16:41 UTC. We got a gate-stand and passports were controlled right after exiting the plane, which made deplaning slow. However, we still arrived fifteen minutes early. All in all, it was one of my best flights ever and I would really recommend Turkish Airlines.

All images by the author unless otherwise noted