At about 08:30 local time Monday, a Saha Airlines Boeing 707-300C (registration EP-CPP) crashed near Tehran, the Iranian capital. The cargo plane was carrying 16 people and imported meats from Kyrgyzstan, according to local media sources.

The 707 departed from Bishkek and was due to land at nearby Payam International Airport. However, the pilot unintentionally landed at Fath airport, an airfield owned by Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard, instead. The aircraft overran the runway, crashed through the airport perimeter wall into a residential area, and burst into flames.

Fath Airport’s runway 31L is significantly shorter (it is 1000m/3300ft long) than Payam Airport‘s runway 30, which offers 3660m/12000ft.

One survivor is reported in the aftermath of the tragedy. 16 bodies have been recovered. Rescue operations are still ongoing.

It is unclear as to whom the aircraft belonged. Some sources say the plane was owned by the Iranian Air Force. The Iranian Air Force later announced the plane was operated by Saha Airlines. The carrier is reportedly known to import goods on behalf of the state, including a regular meat products route from Kyrgyzstan.

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