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A Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 (registered TC-JVI) skid off the taxiway in Lviv, Ukraine while taxiing to the runway for its return to Istanbul. When the incident occurred, heavy snowfall and ice were reported around Lviv Airport.

The B737-800 operating flight TK442 was carrying 59 passengers and six crew members..

The Boeing 737-800 that suffered from the incident. (Image: Kaan Dincer)

After skidding off the taxiway, the airplane was stuck on the ground. No injuries or fatalities have been reported by officials, and the plane is being repaired.

At the time of writing, Turkish Airlines officials have not made any statement about the incident in Lviv.

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BREAKING: Turkish Airlines B737-800 Skids Off Taxiway

  1. Bad weather, especially snow is always a problem for airplanes and pilots. Luckily nothing bad happened to the crew and pessengers. It could have been worse. Hope the best for everyone who is included in this accident and of course Turkish Airlines.

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