Transport Canada has suspended West Wind Aviation’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This prohibits the carrier from providing commercial air services.

“The department took this serious action in the interest of public safety because the department identified deficiencies in the company’s Operational Control System,” Transport Canada explained in a statement.

An Operational Control System ensures that a carrier’s day-to-day actions are in line with safety requirements in areas such as the dispatching of personnel and aircraft. West Wind won’t be able to operate commercial flights until it complies with safety standards set up by Transport Canada.

West Wind was in the news last month after one of its aircraft, which was carrying 25 people, crashed in Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan on December 13, 2017. Transport Canada says that a post-accident inspection of West Wind was incomplete.

A regional specialist suspended the airline’s operations but had hoped to resume them midway through December. Transport Canada’s action stopped this.

“Transport Canada identified deficiencies during a post-accident inspection of West Wind Aviation from December 18 to 20, 2017. As a result, in the interest of public safety, Transport Canada suspended West Wind Aviation’s Air Operator Certificate and will not allow the company to resume its commercial air service until it demonstrates compliance with aviation safety regulations,” the agency said.

West Wind has one ATR 42-320, three three ATR 42-300s, two DHC-6-300s and two -200s, one DHC-6-100, four Beech 1900Cs, five Beech 1900Ds, five Beech twin turboprop King Air 200s, three Cessna twin piston 401s, one Cessna 414, and two Jetstream 31s. In addition to cargo and charter flights, West Wind operates most of its flights out of Prince Albert Airport.

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