China Airlines (CI) has 87 aircraft currently in service (including its Cargo Fleet). When the last A350 is delivered, their fleet will reach 88 planes. “88” which is a very lucky number for the airline. Airbus A330s (A333), Boeing 777-300ERs, Boeing 747s, and Airbus A350s make up China Airlines’ long-haul fleet..

As time passes, lots of airlines have received their A350s. China Airlines previously placed orders for 14 A350s, and the airline has already received 13 of them. The last A350 on order for China Airlines is going to be delivered soon with a special livery that mixes the China Airlines livery with the Airbus Carbon Fibre livery. It’s almost the same type of one of their Boeing 777’s livery (Reg:B-18007), which is a livery mixes the China Airlines livery with Boeing’s livery.

The last Airbus A350-900 (A359) for China Airlines flew a test flight on August 9th. The test was successful. The A350’s current registration number is F-WZFU, but when delivered it will receive a formal registration number, which will be B-18918.

Image by @FrenchPainter
Airbus original Carbon Fibre livery. Image by Li Junjie/Aeronautics Online

As the images shown above, you can see that the China Airlines Carbon Fibre livery is a bit different from what the original Airbus Carbon Fibre looks like because the airline changed the “Black carbon fibre” into the “Purple and blue carbon fibre,” which is closer to the China Airlines original livery color.

Featured image by @FrenchPainter

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