MAcross many industries, analysists consider the feasibility of cryptocurrency. More often than not the answer to this question tends to be no, or at least “not yet.” But the airline business may be different.

Why Crypto In Airlines Makes Sense

Serious cryptocurrency advocates can typically make sense in just about any business. However, there are simple arguments as to why crypto makes particular sense in the airline industry.

For one, this is one business (granted, among many) in which payments are already almost entirely digital. Relatively few people pay in person for airline tickets, which means people are already booking and paying online – where crypto payments are more easily handled. Perhaps even more importantly, crypto payments can when booking international travel. As put by a crypto overview geared toward people digital currency in gaming, crypto payments cross borders. This is a significant convenience for people who regularly travel between countries.

Existing Opportunities

Cryptocurrency in the airline business is not merely a hypothetical or a fun idea. It’s something that has already come to fruition in a few different ways, which shows exciting potential for the future. Lists of companies that accept crypto payments tend to fluctuate, but at various points, platforms like CheapAir and Expedia have specifically allowed people to pay with currently. CroptoDaily writes that StormX, which has partnered with I Only Fly First Class to sell tickets via STORM tokens, offers a cryptocurrency option. Though this is a fairly specific example, it demonstrates that there is momentum for industry adoption of cryptocurrency. It doesn’t mean that major airlines will accept these payments directly anytime soon, but it does mean that people who want to book with cryptocurrency can find opportunities to do so.

Blockchain Integration

This is almost a separate category altogether, but, in addition to opening itself up to cryptocurrency payments, the airline business could also be embracing blockchain technology.

If we’ve learned one thing over the last several years about this branch of tech, it’s that the blockchain is not synonymous with currency. Rather can be applied to innumerable practices with immense benefit. Nevertheless, airlines trusting blockchain tech could provide themselves with the evidence they need to trust it in payments as well. In the meantime, blockchain is showing potential in helping communication and tracking in everything from reservations and cancellations to baggage monitoring and security considerations.

The airline industry is one to watch for widespread crypto integration.

Featured image by Issan Valenzuela/Aeronautics Online

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