A Delta Connection Embraer E175 aircraft slammed into a snowbank after landing on RWY 4 at LaGuardia Airport in New York Saturday morning, resulting in minor delays across the airport.

The aircraft, N212JQ operating as Republic Airways flight 5964 from Chicago-O’Hare, was carrying 77 passengers when local authorities say the pilot failed to judge the turn off the runway properly, resulting in the aircraft slamming into a snowbank on the side of the taxiway.

The aircraft remained stopped on the taxiway for about 30 minutes until airport operations safely escorted the aircraft to the terminal for passengers to embark. No injuries were reported.

A Delta Airlines spokesperson said in a statement to local press, “The ground crew quickly assisted in clearing the snow, and the aircraft then taxied to the gate under its own power. The safety of our customers and crew members is our top priority.”

The incident comes alongside many previous instances of aircraft off the runway/taxiway at LaGuardia, including an Eastern Airlines jet carrying then-vice president-elect Mike Pence in October, a Delta MD-88 jet carrying 127 passengers in March, and a Southwest Airline 737 jet carrying 149 passengers back in 2015. The cause for many of these accidents is a combination of short runways, difficult approach maneuvers, and poor weather.

In this case, Winter Storm Stella dumping 6 inches of snow on New York is the likely culprit, reducing visibility, braking conditions, and traction. The airline is still investigating.


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