European low-cost airline easyJet has confirmed an order for another 17 Airbus A320neo aircraft.

easyJet currently operates 316 aircraft, but they will have 468 once all pending orders have been delivered. With orders included, easyJet is the largest operator of the single-aisle A320 series aircraft.

easyJet has been on the rise recently. It took its first A321neo earlier this year and has a number yet to be delivered.

Airbus has said that they are thrilled that their aircraft keeps contributing to easyJet’s ongoing success. Airbus also says that the new aircraft will contribute to greater flexibility at easyJet.

Where the new A320neo aircraft will be based is uncertain, but most of easyJet’s current neo aircraft are based out of bases in London (including Luton, Stanstead, Gatwick, Southend).

The list price for one A320neo is USD$110.6 million. With a larger order, easyJet will likely receive discounts.

easyJet has made a number of good decisions. It has not expanded as much as Norwegian Air, and it has no plan to, either. It does, however, receive better scores than Ryanair, one of its closest counterparts.

Featured image by Alvaro Lanza/Aeronautics Online 

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