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This morning, Southwest flight 1380 declared an emergency shortly after departure from New York’s La Guardia Airport due to an engine explosion. The aircraft diverted to Philadelphia and, at 11:20 a.m., landed safely. A woman was injured while this incident and later died of a heart attack, while the other 143 passengers and five crew members were safely evacuated.

The aftermath of the 737-700’s left engine (Photo: Business Insider)

The 737-700 was scheduled for a flight from LaGuardia to Dallas Love Field when, according to the father of a daughter that was on board the flight, the left engine ultimately exploded. This resulted in a rapid depressurization of the aircraft after some of the engine debris struck the window, breaking the window and reportedly sucking a passenger out, according to NBC Philadelphia. Fire commissioner Adam Thiel claimed that one passenger was taken to the hospital with critical injuries. After the aircraft landed in Philadelphia, the airport stopped operations for a few hours, and after resumed operations with delays.

Featured image by CNN