Eurowings, Lufthansa’s low-cost subsidiary, has set up a poll on their website that is letting users and potential fliers vote for their favorite destination, with most-voted destination will be included in the 2018 summer schedule. The promotion also includes a giveaway with fifty tickets for two to the destination that is decided on. The selection is between ten European cities, ranging from popular tourist destinations, such as Trapani, Biarritz, and Castellon on the Mediterranean coast; Brač and Trieste on the Adriatic coast, and Mostar – a popular destination for pilgrims due to its proximity to Međugorje and tourists interested in exploring the city. Shannon, Belfast, Bergen and Podgorica are also options included.

Currently, Mostar is leading, with 30.5% of the votes, and Trapani is in second place with 28.2% of the votes. Shannon is third with 9.9%, and on the last position is Podgorica with 2.3% of the votes.

Mostar and Trapani together have almost 60% of all the votes. Further 10% are for Shannon, with the other seven cities having a total of around 30% of the votes. Credits: Eurowings

The voting will be closed on October 10th at 18:00 GMT+1. The new route will be announced on the 11th of October, with the event being broadcasted live on Facebook from 15:00 GMT+1.

Eurowings is currently Europe’s fastest growing low-cost carrier, with 61 aircraft from ailing airberlin being transferred to its fleet, operating alongside airberlin aircraft which were operating with the carrier under a previous agreement. The airline has already taken over many of airberlin’s routes and is looking to utilize its newfound aircraft more with new routes being announced almost on a weekly basis.

Featured image by Lufthansa Flyer.

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