Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz International Airport has welcomed its first flight from the new airport terminal 1 upon a “soft launch” preceding the official opening early next year. SV1291, operated by an Airbus A320 (registered HZ-AS58), departed from Jeddah to Gurayat, a small northernmost Saudi Arabian city, at 5:15 AM. All flights to Gurayat have from now been transferred to Terminal 1 as part of a multi-phase launch policy to properly train airport personnel and ensure full functionality.

رحلتنا الأولى من مطار المؤسس الجديد |Our First Flight from the new king abdulaziz international airport

رحلتنا الأولى من مطار المؤسس الجديد.. مطارنا الأول و بوابتنا نحو المستقبل… مبروك الافتتاح التجريبي#الخطوط_السعوديةOur First Flight from the new king abdulaziz international airport…Our first home and gateway to the future…Congratulations for the soft opening…

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Upon full launch, the airport will boast a total of 46 operational gates. At the moment, however, two gates handling domestic flights are being utilized. An additional four will be added soon, so a total of six domestic gates will open as stage one of the launch. Stage teo involves a gradual increase in domestic gates being used, leading to stage three, in which all domestic flights will eventually be accommodated before the full launch (stage four), after which international flights will be accommodated as well. The president of the Saudi Arabian General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA), Abdulhakim bin Muhammad Al-Tamimi, said this disciplined approach guarantees “world-class security, safety and customer experience for all our passengers.” He states “our measure of success is not to have everything running perfectly on day one but to ensure that we are prepared for the full operational launch in 2019.”

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