For easter break my family opted for a different routing. This routing enabled me to fly Delta’s new A321 (which has only been in service with Delta’s fleet for 1 year now). I was quite happy with flying Delta as I flew them last 2 years ago and since then I didn’t have such a good opinion of the airline. Hopefully this trip would change my opinion!

N306DN that would take me to RSW. (Photo: Luca Zocche/ Layoverhub)


My flight would be from Atlanta (ATL) to Fort Myers (RSW) onboard N306DN (which was delivered to Delta in July of 2016). When entering the aircraft you could notice the beauty of it comparison to the “ordinary” aircraft that you would fly.

(Photo: Luca Zocche/Layoverhub) 

When reaching my seat (which was in the back of the cabin) I had the great opportunity of meeting Christopher and Raymond (cabin crew) who would be handling the back of the cabin for this flight. Raymond before working for Delta worked for Eastern and Northwest. He told me a lot about how the industry had changed. I enjoyed this discussion with him a lot and it really made me happy that he took the extra time to talk with me. Christopher also discussed a bit with me about the industry and aviation as a whole. These two crew members really made me feel welcome at Delta as in the past I had not such a welcoming like on this flight.

The IFE. (Photo:Luca Zocche/Layoverhub)

After being able to talk to Christopher and Raymond I went to sit down and the flight was getting ready for departure. As we were taxing for departure I had the possibility to try Delta’s IFE. I was very surprised to how modern it was. The IFE was available in over 10 languages which shows how DL not solely cares for its American passengers but also for its international passengers. The offering of films were fantastic with many selections and the moving map was also quite nice. This changed my opinion of Delta even more.

(Photo: Luca Zocche/Layoverhub)







As our A321 took off from runway 9L there was a beautiful view of Atlanta. After reaching our cruising altitude I decided to take a look at the bathrooms to see if there would be any difference in design in comparison to its sister aircraft that I have flown. When entering the toilets there was a much more modern feel to it and instead of there just being one mirror above the sink there were two with the other one being opposite. I then returned to my seat and received a complimentary drink and snack. Delta recently upgraded their options of snacks and I found the “upgrade” to be nice but not major enough to compete with the likes of Jetblue which has quite a good selection of snacks. After sometime aboard the flight the captain announced that we were descending into Fort Myers as the two cities are not too far away from each other. As we landed on runway 6 and parked at C8 at Fort Myers Raymond and Christopher wished me a good stay and I thanked them for this great flight that I would never forget!

Cabin of the A321.(Photo:Luca Zocche/Layoverhub)

Overall thanks to this flight my view of Delta has changed. I never expected my view of them to change but as they say one flight can change you forever! I found only one thing disappointing which was the assortment of snacks available which was not as good as Delta’s competitor:  Jetblue. I would still say though that Delta’s product is one of the best in the United States and I would for sure take them again when I can. Keep climbing!