On Thursday early morning, I was booked on a 3:20am flight from Delhi to Bangkok on Thai Airways’ Royal Silk, their business class product. The flight was originally booked on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Though I was excited to fly on the 787, the aircraft was changed to a 20-year-old Boeing 777-200.  I reached the airport at 1 am and the check-in process was smooth as the lady at the counter was kind. The airport at Delhi was a complete mess; immigration took about 30 minutes while the security check only took about 15 minutes. After the whole process, the monitors were already showing Final Call for my flight, and, since Delhi Indra Gandhi International Airport is the 16 largest airport in India, going to the gate took 11 minutes.

After boarding the flight, I noticed that the cabin was really old. The aircraft is only used for flights in Thailand and to international destinations in the area (such as Phuket, Chang Rai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur). The cabin crew was really kind and, once I stepped inside the aircraft, I could feel Thai culture from the flight attendants. Once I took my seat, one of the flight crew came and asked if I wanted a drink; I could have asked anything available. I recommend the Thai Ice or The Purple Lemon Thai Ice Tea. These drinks are a specialty on Thai Airways and they will always give you dry fruits.

After take-off the flight attendants would come out and ask for a drink order before breakfast. I chose the same option for the drink and for the meal, which I had pre-ordered on Thai’s website, I chose the Salmon with Black Ink Spaghetti. It turned out that the Spaghetti was not black ink; it was just normal spaghetti, which was a drawback. The taste was still delicious and, with the sauce, the meal showed why Thai had won the Skytrax award for the Best Catering.

After the meal, the crew came by with a cheese platter, which had a piece of cheese with 2 crackers, a piece of green, and red apple with a cake made out of full cheese. After that, the crew handed out Chocolate Mousse for dessert. Overall, the meal was perfect for me; everything about the flight was amazing, including the service of the aircrew and the ground crew.

Overall Anaylsis

The flight was overall perfect for any passenger. As a quick note, however, vegetarians were given meals from economy class given in plastic plates since the passengers didn’t preorder their meal for Hindu Vegetarian. However, when I had asked the passenger sitting beside me about the vegetarian meal, they said the meal was really good given that it was an economy class meal. So, in conclusion, the carting services are really good and the cabin crew was really professional; they were kind they had smiles on their faces and were not exhausted, especially for such an early flight. I would definitely recommend people to travel with Thai Airways.

Featured image from Experience the Skies