On January 23rd, a new airline known as Flyvalan started operations with flights between the Italian cities of Genoa (in the Italian region of Liguria) and Triest. The carrier is operating the route with an ATR 72-500 which has been supplied by its Romanian Technical partner Fly Compass Service. The flight is operated 3 times a week. More plans will be revealed within the following weeks of other new services from Genoa to Zurich, Geneva, Brussels, and possibly Barcelona if the demand for the city continues to rise.

Flyvalan’s start-up comes at a time where the public was uncertain if the airline would start operations at all; operations were supposed to start last November. After its first flight, Flyvalan is aiming to start connecting Europe with the region of Liguria both through the presentation of the region in its onboard magazine and through serving underrepresented markets.

While their goals sound generic, Flyvalan is aiming for a special niche market that other airlines have not seemed to have grasped yet. The airline’s primary goal is to link foreign businesses with regional businesses from the Ligurian region through a “special onboard travel experience, featuring the diversity and trends of local businesses” according to the company’s website. With the airport due to receive Easyjet, Israir, and Aegean this summer, Genoa is a market that is growing quickly, which might have made it just the right time for Flyvalan to enter the market.

The airline isn’t a complete legacy, though it offers low-cost airline-like packages, branding them as their basic, light, standard and flexible products; these will hopefully help make the airline more competitive against the bigger players that are dominating the Ligurian market. With the Italian market continuing to get more and more competitive, especially with the possible sale of Alitalia on the horizon, Italy is an interesting market that could go in any direction in the near future.

Featured image by airlines-inform.com.

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