On the 25th of March, I travelled to Zurich, Switzerland from Hamburg, Germany. With me was a good friend from Berlin ( IG: @aviation_bln ). While he was travelling with Easyjet, I had the opportunity to fly on a Swiss A320 ( HB-JLS)(LX1061) . It was the inaugural flight for this season because the summer network is just starting. I was seated on 28F, which is in Economy Class. The plane was in a standard 3-3 configuration. I had a good seat pitch, but I think that taller people than me could have problem ( I’m 1.77m (5’9″)).

I was pretty happy that I had an whole row for myself! Unfortunately my window was extremely dirty, so wingview shots were impossible.  My flight time for today was 1:05 minutes, and we were punctual as we did not have to de-ice in Hamburg. After being airborne, the time passed in a flash as a wide selection of reading material was provided. You were able to buy things from the board shop with Euros/Schweizer Franken.

The main reason that I chose Swiss (and not Eurowings) was, of course, the free inflight meal served on all Swiss flights. On my early morning flight, I had a small drink and 2 chocolate sandwiches, which was pretty cool because I hadn’t had breakfast.

The flight crew for this flight was really friendly and motivated. Shortly before we arrived in Zurich via Runway 34 ( so far one of the best approches I’ve ever had), I received the iconic Swiss chocolate.

After landing, I decided to do some spotting. I went to Car Park P3, where I took my first pics of the day. Getting there was easy, as Zurich’s airport has a lot of signs. While seeing the last inbounds on Runway 34, I was awaiting the arrival of my friend, who was a little bit late.

After my friend’s arrival, we went to Observation Deck B. To get there you have to go through another security check since there are glasses, which is actually pretty good for planespotters. The only bad thing is that there is a little playground for little kids near the deck. At noon it started to become crowded, and which was annoying.

We next decided to take the train to go to the other side of Runway 16 to see the heavy wave planes from airlines such as Swiss and Thai arriving. Before this trip, I had heard that Switzerland has really high prices, and when we went to ticket counter the prices were mind-blowing. We had to pay€3.50/USD$4.30 to travel 2 Stations!

After we reached the most famous position in Zurich (Heliport/Heligrill), we were able to catch nearly every heavy. After a succesful stay, we went back to the airport. When we arrived back at the airport, we went went to our last spot of the day at Car Park P6, where we could see the the line-ups on Runway 28.


We stayed there for half an hour, and, because no more exiting flights passed, we decided to go through the security check to find our gates. my friend was flying back to Berlin with Easyjet again, and I was flying back to Hamburg, of course with Swiss. My plane was again an A320 ( HB-IJI)(LX1060), but this time I was seated in 27F. The flight was 1:15 minutes. It was already dark when we pushed back, so I couldn’t make any wingview pictures again. The little evening lunch for this flight was a butter pretzel. The flight was completely booked, so the crew was in a hurry to serve everyone on this short flight. I slept nearly the whole flight, as I was pretty tired from the day. The result of the day was pretty easy: I was able to take many cool photos ( especially the whole Swiss/Edelweiss Fleet ), we had amazing weather conditions the whole day, and I had two amazing flights with Swiss. Zurich is EXTREMELY expensive, but I’ll come back!

All images by the author