Honda Aircraft Company has announced the first deliveries of the HondaJet Elite. The HondaJet Elite is the upgraded version of Honda’s light twinjet. The new aircraft is replacing the inaugural HA-420 model.

The new aircraft features a range increase to 1437 nautical miles; modifications to flight planning features and angle of attack; improved stability and underspeed protection; and improved go-around features.

Cosmetic features in the cabin have also improved. The cabin features options for a full-service galley, WiFi, and a built-in audio system.

“This milestone showcases Honda Aircraft’s steadfast commitment to setting new standards in business aviation and enthusiasm for remaining at the forefront of an evolving industry,” said Honda Aircraft Company CEO Michimasa Fujino. “We are excited about the very positive worldwide reaction to the HondaJet Elite’s market entrance.”

Featured image from Honda Aircraft

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