TG 315, a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Delhi had to divert back to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport due to a hydraulics failure. The aircraft was a Boeing 777-300 registration HS-TKB a 19 years old plane.

After the flight had taken off at 17:55, the captain of Flight TG315 decided to double back to the airport due to a problem with the plane’s hydraulic system.  The plane reportedly had a problem with the control of its flight systems and landing gear. The aircraft landed about ten minutes after originally taking off. Suvarnabhumi Airport closed all operations leading up to the landing. Once TG315 landed safely, all operations returned to normal.

Passengers waited in the Thai Airways lounge while repairs were made to the aircraft Then, then they reboarded the Boeing 777-300 after a nearly four hour delay to resume their journey to New Delhi.

The flight took off at 21:55 and returned to Bangkok as TG 316 two hours late at 07:23 (local time).

Featured image from Wikimedia Commons


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