Our 2018 team:

 Omer, Miklós, Mathis, Usmann, Harry, Orson, Catarina, Akshay, John, Federico, Aaryan, Alex S, David, Luca, Alex Z

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About Our Management Team

John McDermott- Editor-In-Chief/Head of Aeronautics Americas

My name is John McDermott, and I’m currently a student from Chicago, Illinois. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with how things work. Things as simple as a faucet to as complex as the human body and cars fascinate me. It was this love of machines that led to my love of aviation. I’ve been around planes all my life; one of my earliest memories is putting a domed lit on by face to imitate the nose of planes. And, after hearing about Aeronautics from Nick, I decided to share my passion for flying with others and apply to become a writer. Flying has become such a big part of my life in the last couple years that my friends consider it to be insanely annoying. Whenever someone I know flies, I’m always sure to find out the type of aircraft they flew on, which airline they flew with, and how their flight went. I’ve gone so far as to give my family members lessons about the mechanics of airplanes during a flight. I’m absolutely fascinated with how planes work, and my greatest hope is to, one day, be up on the flight deck of a commercial airliner. This being the case, I have much to talk about with whoever comes to me with a passion for planes.

With Aeronautics, I hope to learn even more about the airline industry and share my love of flying with others through images, articles, and quizzes. 

Base: Chicago, U.S.A

Contact: jmcdermott@aeronauticsonline.com.

David Xian- Founder/Editor

My name is David Xian and I am currently a high school student on Long Island, New York. I have been captivated by aviation since youth and hope to work in the aviation industry in the future.

My main goal with this page is to create an aviation and travel news site sourced mainly by young aviation enthusiasts. Unlike any other aviation news websites, Aeronautics nurtures an exclusive atmosphere where anybody with an interest in our three topics: Industry Talk, Flyer Talk, and Traveler Talk are encouraged to write for us.

One thing I learned working in the industry and would like every young reader to know is the importance of building connections early. Like many other industries, the aviation industry is very tight-knit. I can personally attest that it is very common to meet someone in this industry who recognizes or is (surprisingly often) close with other people you know in the industry. As the aviation industry has doubled in size over the past decade and is projected to continue growing at this incredible rate, getting one’s foot in the door early on grows exceedingly important for attaining a job in aviation.

I hope to use Aeronautics to help youth connect with aviation jobs by hosting career exploration events around the world, having adults write about their experiences in the industry, and helping students build connections to fellow young enthusiasts and future employers.

Feel free to drop me a message with any questions or comments anytime at dxianmail@gmail.com or my Instagram page @lufanhansa.

Base: New York, U.S.A

Luca Zocche- Head of Aeronautics Europe

My name is Luca Zocche and I am an Italian/German-American. At a very young age I was able to experience aviation. Such good memories at a young age caused me to follow this hobby. At age 15 I joined the aviation Instagram community which has permitted me to get to know how big the aviation world truly is. Since then I have also been able to meet many spotters and other incredible people who have made me what I am today. One day I hope to start my own airline. It might be a hard path but it is doable. I will always remember that the aviation community is there for you and thanks to them I have been motivated to follow my dream.

With Aeronautics I have been able to continue to expand my knowledge and under stand the deep dynamics of the constantly changing aviation industry.

Base: Madrid, Spain

Contact: lzocche@aeronauticsonline.com

Catarina Madureira- Social Media Manager

Hello! My name is Catharina Madureira and I am a mechanical engineering student in Lisbon, Portugal.
From very early on, my passion has been aeronautics, and last year I joined the spotting community.
I try to cover all the aircraft movements at Lisbon’s airport. Being a spotter has helped me know a different side of the aviation world. One great perk of spotting is that I have met fantastic people. I hope that one day, when I finish training, I will be able to work as a maintenance engineer.
If you are interested in my photos, you can find me on Instagram at @cm_lisbonspotter.
Base: Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: Cmadureira@aeronauticsonline.com

About Our Writers

Mathis Cabuy

My name is Mathis Cabuy and I’m German/French. I have been addicted to aviation since I was 5 years old. My father and I often went to the airport. I was always fascinated from the first moment. When I was 12 years old, I got my first camera. It brought me more and more into plane spotting. I’ve already made many friends at the airport. I started my own Instagram page which has grown to more than 3000 followers. Feel free to visit my Instagram page: @matrooxienspotter.

With Aeronautics, I want to share my hobby, Aviation, with as many people as possible. I also want to learn more about how the aviation industry works and how it is constantly changing.

Base: Hamburg, Germany

Contact: matrooxien@gmail.com

Kaan Dincer

My name is Kaan Dincer, and I’m a student in Istanbul, Turkey. For me, aviation is something more than a hobby. It is a life style for me. My life goes around the aviation circle. I travel frequently especially during my school breaks. I am so lucky to have started spotting at such an incredible airport that is busy and has quite some stunning traffic. This airport is Istanbul Atatürk Airport. I have also spotted at various airports such as FRA, DCA, BOS and JFK. You can have a look at my photos and also contact me on my Instagram account @istspotter if you wish and if you wish to see some if my trip reports, you can have a look on my YouTube account: Turkish Flyer. I will try my best to serve you exclusive news from Turkey and all around the world.

Base: Istanbul, Turkey
Contact: kaandincer2000@hotmail.com

Akshay Mantri

Hello, my name is Akshay Mantri and I’m a student pilot & an aviation photographer from Mumbai, India. Becoming a pilot was something I had as my goal since I was a child and this brought me close to this field of plane spotting. I started photographing airplanes in 2014, and ever since I’ve never looked back! There isn’t enough information or knowledge about the Indian Aviation being provided out to the world, to provide at least a bit of it and show them the reality, I started an Instagram account dedicated to aviation & my plane spotting. Also, I’m proud to say that I’ve influenced and motivated many new plane spotters from Mumbai to open up and share their experiences and photos! Aeronautics has been a perfect pathway for me. The place through which I can reach many new people and share with them the best of my experiences and information! You can check out my Instagram account @planespottinghd.

Base: Mumbai, India

Federico Meraviglia

My name is Federico Meraviglia and I am student and photographer in Milan, northern Italy. I became involved in aviation when I was a child, thanks to one my old uncles who was a pilot and Italian Air Force general; he filled my childhood up with fascinating stories of his planes and his missions abroad. I spent so many hours listening to him and imagining myself as a pilot.
In 2015 I started taking photos at nearby Milan Linate and Milan Malpensa airports, in Nice Cote d’Azur airport during holidays and in other airports too during my trips through Europe.
My goal is to attend aerospace and then aeronautic engineering at the university. Recently I started an Instagram page where I share my best photos and where I met many interesting and inspiring people, some of them have become real friends.
I’m really interested in joining Aeronautics community in order to grow my knowledge of aviation and to get to know other people all around the world. If you are interested in my photos you can find me on instagram as @fm_aviationph

Base: Milan, Italy

Contact: fmeraviglia@aeronauticsonline.com

Max Trimm

My name is Max and I have been an aviation enthusiast for 8 years. Throughout my grade school years, I have developed my understanding of flight and the industry, and am fascinated by the manpower behind it all. My goal for this site is to allow readers and fellow aviation enthusiasts to meet and learn something about the industry we love. Whether that be breaking news or op-eds, I can guarantee Aeronautics is a great place to learn something new.

Alexander Zur

My name is Alexander Zur. I’m a student who is currently living in northern Germany near Hamburg. As a small child I drew a lot of airplanes, but I never knew what type of aircraft it was. That’s why I got a large book with 1000 Airplanes From All Over the World. Since then, aviation became my passion and I started professional planespotting in 2014, as photography was another interest of mine.

Thanks to the hobby, I’ve met many new people sharing the same passion as me. I have travelled to many different airports. Some are well-known, LHR and JFK, but some aren’t, like Keflavik or Sonderborg. My favorite airport for planespotting and traveling is Hamburg Airport, as we have some exotic visitors from Lufthansa Technik and nice positions for taking pictures. Another great airport nearby is Hamburg-Finkenwerder, an Airbus plant, where you can see brand new airplanes from many different nations worldwide, like from Hawaii, China, Colombia or Saudi-Arabia, as well as European carriers and the heavy transporter Beluga. It never gets boring up here. Furthermore I support the Planespotters.net website as a screener and upload my pictures on many different aviation websites.

I’m currently studying business with hopes to become a businessman for freight forwarding and logistics service.

Base: Hamburg, Germany

Tim Van Donselaar

Hello, my name is Tim van Donselaar and I live in The Netherlands. When I was 8 years old, I visited Amsterdam Schiphol for the first time to watch airplanes. Since that day, aviation has become one of my biggest passions. In 2015, I also started spotting and made multiple trips to airports like Frankfurt am Main, London Heathrow, and Madrid Barajas. If you are interested in my photos, you can find me on Facebook (TvD Aviation photographics) and on Flickr (Tim van Donselaar).

I am happy that I can combine my passion for aviation with writing for Aeronautics Online. The world of aviation changes every day and that makes it very fascinating. I hope to learn more about it and understand it even better then before.

Base:  Amsterdam Metropolitan Area , Netherlands. 

Contact: tim@famvandonselaar.nl

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