A Jet Airways (9W) flight 523 veered off the runway earlier today at Riyadh when the crew reportedly tried to abort the takeoff at a relatively high speed. The aircraft involved was a 4-year-old B737-800WL registered VT-JFS. It is currently grounded at Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport. There were 142 passengers and 7 crew members onboard when the incident took place.

Jet Airways said in a statement, “Our flight 9W523 with 142 guests and 7 crew members from Riyadh to Mumbai of 3rd August aborted takeoff and departed the runway at Riyadh Airport. All our guests and crew have been evacuated safely with no reported injuries”.

The crew reportedly decided to abort the takeoff after spotting an object on the runway they were taking off. However, the exact cause of the incident remains unknown. A detailed report can be expected soon.

VT-JFS after veering off the runway. Image from twitter.com/jacdecnew.

A report claims that the 737 must have braked hard to ensure the plane stops in the available length of the runway, but unfortunately ended up veering off the runway.

“Currently the event involving flight 9W523 is being investigated by the local regulatory authorities and our teams are providing full co-operation as necessary. At Jet Airways the safety of our guests and crew is of paramount importance,” said Jet Airways.

Jet Airways has reported the incident to the DGCA, the Indian Aviaton Authority. Their initial reports suggest that the aircraft was stopped in order to prevent a collision as the crew had spotted an object on the runway.

Featured image by Akshay Mantri/Aeronautics Online
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