Monday morning, New York-based JetBlue Airways announced expansion plans for it’s “Mint” product, a premium experience created to rival the transcontinental first classes of legacy carriers such as American’s specialized transcontinental fleet of Airbus A321’s, United’s “premium service” Boeing 757’s, and Delta’s flagship first class, “Delta One.”

JetBlue will serve 13 cities with Mint service. (Photo: JetBlue)

The new expansion plans will boost the daily number of Mint flights to as many as 80 daily flights on up to 20 routes.

Currently, Mint operates to 11 cities across North America, primarily operating from JetBlue’s hubs at Boston Logan International Airport and New York – John F. Kennedy International Airport. Mint operates the following flights/routes:

Origin Destination Flight #’s
Boston (BOS) San Francisco (SFO) 133, 833, 333
Boston (BOS) Los Angeles (LAX) 287, 487, 687, 987
Boston (BOS) Aruba (AUA) 673
Boston (BOS) Barbados (BGI) 25
New York (JFK) San Francisco (SFO) 15, 415, 615, 915, 1415, 1715
New York (JFK) Los Angeles (LAX) 123, 323, 523, 1123, 1523, 1623, 1723, 1823
New York (JFK) Aruba (AUA) 1057
New York (JFK) Saint Lucia (UVF) 881
New York (JFK) Barbados (BGI) 1261, 2661
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) San Francisco (SFO) 277, 577
Fort Lauderdale (FLL) Los Angeles (LAX) 101, 701
San Francisco (SFO) Boston (BOS) 434, 334, 534, 834
Los Angeles (LAX) Boston (BOS) 288, 488, 688, 988
Aruba (AUA) Boston (BOS) N/A
Barbados (BGI) Boston (BOS) N/A
San Francisco (SFO) New York (JFK) 16, 416, 516, 616, 916, 1416, 1516, 1716
Los Angeles (LAX) New York (JFK) 24, 224, 324, 424, 524, 624, 1124, 1224, 1424, 2024
Aruba (AUA) New York (JFK) 1058
Saint Lucia (UVF) New York (JFK) 882
Barbados (BGI) New York (JFK) 2662
Los Angeles (LAX) Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 100, 700
San Francisco (SFO) Fort Lauderdale (FLL) 278, 578

Flying JetBlue’s Mint experience will give passengers a unique transcontinental experience, including 10-inch television screens with thousands of free movies, games, and entertainment, wide, comfortable seats with the most legroom in it’s class, power outlets at every seat, access to the onboard self-serve snack station, and on-demand meals whenever the passenger pleases. Unique to JetBlue, every passenger can enjoy Fly-Fi, high-speed broadband internet while flying over the continental United States free of charge.

The perks of Mint are from arrival at your origin airport to arrival at your destination. (Photo: JetBlue)

JetBlue is adding Seattle and Las Vegas to it’s arsenal of Mint destinations next year, with Las Vegas coming on January 4th, 2018 from Boston and Seattle coming online on February 15th, 2018 from Boston and April 15th from New York – JFK.

JetBlue will now operate as many as 80 flights per day with the Mint product. (Photo: David Xian / Layoverhub)

The addition of Mint flights to Las Vegas from Boston compliment the previous announcement of Mint coming on the JFK-LAS route in November. JetBlue will be the first airline offering lie-flat seats on a domestic route from Las Vegas. See the schedule below:

B61077 Boston 7:10 a.m. departure -> Las Vegas 10:22 a.m. arrival A321 Daily

B6177 Boston 8:50 p.m. departure -> Las Vegas 11:52 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

B61078 Las Vegas 7:45 a.m. departure -> Boston 3:44 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

B6178 Las Vegas 11:32 a.m. departure -> Boston 7:31 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

Along with the new Las Vegas services, Seattle will be picking up new Mint service from both of JetBlue’s northeast corridor hubs, New York JFK and Boston. Seattle already boasts 8 daily departures from SeaTac to Boston, JFK, and Long Beach, and serves as one of the airline’s largest west-coast destinations. Schedule:

B6597 Boston 8:56 a.m. departure -> Seattle 12:18 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

B6197 Boston 7:22 p.m. departure -> Seattle 10:46 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

B6598 Seattle 1:29 p.m. departure -> Boston 9:47 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

B6498 Seattle 11:56 p.m. departure -> Boston 8:11 a.m. arrival (+1) A321 Daily

Going along with the Boston service, Seattle is picking up Mint from New York JFK, as well, starting April 15th, 2018. The addition of Seattle to JFK’s Mint network makes it the 10th Mint destination from JFK, JetBlue’s largest hub.

B6263 New York 10:42 a.m. departure -> Seattle 1:58 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

B6264 Seattle 3:08 p.m. departure -> New York 11:30 p.m. arrival A321 Daily

Adding to the new Mint destinations, Las Vegas and Seattle, JetBlue is expanding it’s premium service brand into the Caribbean, where St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport and Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport are gaining Saturday seasonal second roundtrip flights from both Boston and New York, coming online in January and February 2018.

JetBlue’s Mint seat has a unique blue touch, a tradition amongst the JetBlue brand. (Photo: David Xian / Layoverhub)

Additionally, both San Francisco and Los Angeles will be seeing a bonus daily flight from New York, making JetBlue one of the premiere carriers in the transcontinental market from California. Since Mint was launched in 2014, the amount of flights the airline has operated into LAX has doubled.

JetBlue VP of commercial and planning Marty St. George released the following quote in a press release Monday:

“We’re bringing even more Mint to markets in every corner of our route map where travelers are overdue for an upgrade to the so-called ‘first-class’ flights offered by other airlines. In every city where we’ve introduced Mint we’ve transformed the premium travel business and boosted overall performance on the routes.”