In a step to make their customer service completely automated, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has expanded services to Twitter and WeChat. Starting last Tuesday (June 6, 2017), passengers can request booking confirmation, view check-in information, get a boarding pass, and view flight status on the social media platforms. Notifications and services are provided in ten languages.

“The roll out starts today, June 6, and the service will be more widely available in the coming weeks,” read a statement released by the airline.

This isn’t the first time that KLM has turned to social media to run its customer service operation. Last year, the carrier turned to Facebook and Messenger, Facebook’s messaging app, to communicate with passengers.

“After Messenger, offering KLM flight info on Twitter and WeChat is a perfect addition to KLM’s social media strategy,” said Pieter Elbers, the president and CEO of KLM. “We believe that we should be where our customers are. KLM now offers customers the choice of their own favourite channel. And by doing so, we continue to be an aviation pioneer.”

Can this truly change the aviation industry? There might be hope that it can. If passengers can receive boarding and flight information in an easy way through a platform they are familiar with, waiting times could decrease, leading to more on-time flights and decreased wait times. However, a server crash could derail the new program for hours, preventing passengers from receiving easy access to their flight information.