On Friday, May 25th, the crew of the KLM flight 1144 was preparing their plane for departure as the Norwegian police force at Gardermoen Airport in Oslo was performing spot tests on several pilots at Oslo airport. In a spot check of the crew of the KLM flight, the first officer was arrested following the sobriety test.

Although his alcohol levels were low, it was high enough to get him imprisoned for two weeks. The pilot denied all allegations and is to be put in front of the court of appeals. The lead investigator in the matter has marked the matter as a top priority.

In response to requests for comment, KLM has said that alcohol and flying do not go together. The Dutch carrier also mentioned that they cannot say anything about ongoing investigations or about the future of the pilot, although it is highly unlikely that the pilot will return to duty.

Norway’s Court of Appeals is holding the case until his test results come back from Norway’s National Institute of Health.

The main speculation into the matter is that the pilot had a drink the night before the flight and was unaware that he had illegal alcohol levels.

Feature Image by Orson Luo/Aeronautics