This past Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Ed Bastian, Delta’s CEO, attended the groundbreaking of the new LGA terminal. In a statement, Governor Cuomo said, “LaGuardia is a pillar of New York’s transportation network…but for too long the airport has been unworthy of New York State.”

An interior rendering of the new terminal. (Photo: LGA)

For over 50 years, LGA has been integral to travelers from New York City and surrounding areas, offering flights to business hubs nationwide. More often than not, complaints of LGA can be heard from anyone. Even former Vice President Joe Biden said LaGuardia Airport was somewhat of a chaotic, third world country. This $4 billion redesign and revamp is expected to finally propel LaGuardia into the 21st century.

An interior look at the modern new LGA terminal. (Photo: LGA)

The new terminal includes the replacement of the Central Terminal Building, which, according to LaGuardia’s website, will “drastically improve your travel experience.” Designed to only have a cap of 8 million passengers in 1964, today serves over 14 million. The new Terminal B will solve this major issue, and will hopefully create innovation and ease for LGA passengers.

The Governor’s office, and LGA, released renderings for this amazing new terminal. They include both exterior and interior views, and showcase impressive design and focus on catering to every LGA passenger.

An exterior rendering of the gates at the new terminal. (Photo: LGA)

Originally, Goldman Sachs & Company was set to finance this project but exited the deal. Now, Delta is contributing $3.4 billion dollars to this extravagant project, with New York State providing the remaining $600 million. The Port Authority board signed off on this deal recently.

An exterior view of LGA’s new terminal (Photo: LGA)

Terminal B is set to be complete in 2021, with the first gates opening next year. There is no doubt that construction of the “new airport” will cause delays and frustration, but LGA’s promise of accommodating to passengers will hopefully be fulfilled with the project at hand.

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