Hundreds of flights at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport were delayed or cancelled Tuesday due to stormy weather.

According to FlightRadar24, 481 flights were delayed and 317 flights were canceled. These numbers represent 41% and 27% of all flights, respectively.

Most cancelled flights operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and its subsidiaries. The Dutch national carrier cancelled 159 flights out of caution on Monday.

Many arriving flights had to make multiple go-arounds due to strong winds.

It is more difficult for planes to take off and land in strong crosswinds. In addition, harsh weather conditions mandate increased safety distancing between aircraft.

Air Traffic Controllers decided to use only two runways: one for departures and one for arrivals, increasing congestion. Normally, the airport uses three runways for take-offs and landings, and it uses two runways for take-off during outbound peaks or two runways for landing during inbound peaks.

Several times a year, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport must deal with stormy weather. The airport was built seven meters below sea level ‘polders,’ which are open areas surrounded by dikes. Polders can contribute to poor weather conditions at Schiphol.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is located in the Haarlemmermeerpolder, which was created in the 17th century. The airport opened in 1916. One of the runways, Runway 18R/36L ‘Polderbaan’, is named after the polder.

Featured image by Tim van Donselaar/Aeronautics Online 

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