Yesterday for the first time I experienced the new Boeing 787-9 Dream)liner by the italian carrier Neos.

I’ve been invited to fly on this beauty from Milan Malpensa MXP to Verona Valerio Catullo VRN and then to attend the press conference in the Neos hangar in VRN.

We took off at 10.30am from Rwy35L and during the climb we made a great tour over the Alps near Malpensa and then we flew heading to Genoa in Liguria; after 30/35 minutes of flight we proceeded to Parma where pilots began the descent into Verona landing in 15 minutes on Rwy04.

This plane has 359 seats divided between Economy and Economy Premium,  I was on seat 33L near the window: on this plane windows are really huge (47x28cm, 65% more than any other plane).

The 787 Dreamliner is the world’s most technologically advanced airplane with composite materials making up 50 percent of the primary structure, including the fuselage and wing. In addition to bringing big-jet ranges to midsize airplanes, the 787 will provide Neos with unmatched fuel efficiency, using 20 percent less fuel than today’s similarly sized airplanes.

Italy plays a key role in the production of the 787, with Boeing supplier Alenia Aermacchi’s factories in Grottaglie (Taranto), Foggia and Pomigliano (Naples) producing the central fuselage and horizontal stabilizer for the Dreamliner.

In Verona we moved from the plane to the Neos hangar where a coffee break with Neos’ staff had been set up while we were waiting for a group of guests overflying Verona, Venice, Bolzano and Trento on the 787.

Meanwhile four Aermacchi MB-339-A/PAN of the 313rd formation of the Italian Air Force, Frecce Tricolori, took off and met the 787 over the Alps in order to escort it to Verona where they made a low pass over the runway in team. Then the plane landed so the press conference was ready to begin.

Carlo Stradiotti, Chief Executive Officer of Neos Spa, said that with a significant portion of the 787 produced in Italy, Neos is proud to be the country’s first operator of the Dreamliner.  This delivery is the first step of implementation of Neos fleet strategy, aimed at making sure its customers can always have a state-of-the-art service and the best possible in-flight experience . Neos looks forward to welcoming more 787s into its fleet along with the new 737MAXs in the next few years.

Neos is leasing the Boeing through an agreement with AerCap and becomes the first italian operator of the plane, AerCap President and CCO Philip Scruggs said that AerCap is very pleased to deliver to Neos their first 789 because they can offer superior levels of in-cabin comfort and greater optional efficiencies.

Also Paolo Arena, Verona Villafranca Airport President, attended the conference describing the new Neos hangar in VRN designated to the repair and maintenance of Neos planes.

Many others made a speech like Carlo Rattazzi (Neos President), Antonio De Palmas (BOEING Italy President), Sean Burke ( Rolls Royce Vice President Customers).

At the end Maurizio Guzzetti (Neos Captain) called on the stage all the Frecce Tricolori pilots.


In order to increase flights across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, China, Neos announced earlier this year that along with 787s orders ( 1 in 2017 and 2 in 2018) it intends to lease 737MAXs from 2019.

After the conference a tasty and rich buffet was set up in the hangar. Then I boarded again on the 787 and after a pleasant flight of 25 minutes I reached Milan at the end of the afternoon