Qantas Shaw revealed its plans to purchase a longer-range version of the Airbus A350 that could provide a non-stop 20-hour flight from Sydney to London by 2022.

Qantas’ CEO, Alan Joyce, confirmed that the airline set their sights on the A350-1000ULR instead of the A350-900ULR. The A350-1000ULR could carry more passengers, and it could rival Singapore Airlines’ long-range operation with A350-900s.

Airbus confirmed in June that they were ready to provide the A350-1000ULR exclusively for Qantas rather than modifying the A350-900’s fuel system. But Qantas is not only considering aircraft from the European aerospace giant. It is also seeking in-depth details of the Boeing 777-8, which has not yet entered the production line.

“We do believe we are at a stage where the capability for both vehicles is there and is a matter of the financials and working through how the business case works,” Joyce said

Qantas aims to commit to the better option of these long-range commercial jets. The chosen aircraft must meet the required specifications, including capacity for 300 passengers in four different classes: First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class, and Economy class. Qantas also wants the option of bunk beds, lounges, rooms, and relaxation zones in the cargo hold.

Qantas is also considering non-stop destinations in Europe, South Africa, North and South America.

Featured image by Airbus

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