As Autumn 2017 comes upon us, the Boeing 747-400 is being replaced at a considerable rate in favor of more efficient aircraft such as the Boeing 777, Airbus A330, and other next generation heavy aircraft that can fly further and faster, far more effectively.

The staff at Layoverhub decided to create an article exclusively for tracking these birds, which is precisely what you can refer to this article to do. Whenever you need to know what’s going on with each and every Boeing 747-400 passenger in the world, simply refer back to this article, which will be constantly updated with retirement and fleet information.

If you want to track all of the aircraft and their live locations, use FlightRadar24, and apply the filter “B744”.

Remaining 747-400 Passenger Aircraft (11/6/2017):




Air India – 1 example in service

VT-ESO 27165/1009 Boeing 747-437

Operate flights:

AI965/966 Mumbai (BOM) – Hyderabad (HYD) – Jeddah (JED) – Cochin (COK) – Jeddah (JED) – Hyderabad (HYD) – Mumbai (BOM)

AI963/964 Cochin (COK) – Jeddah (JED) – Cochin (COK)

AI42/43 Delhi (DEL) – Mumbai (BOM) – Delhi (DEL)

AI101/102 Mumbai (BOM) – Delhi (DEL) – Mumbai (BOM)

These aircraft also operate a series of charter flights across India and the far east.

Asiana Airlines – 2 examples in service

HL7418 25780/1035 Boeing 747-48E

HL7428 28552/1160 Boeing 747-48E

Operate flights:

OZ201/202 Seoul (ICN) – Los Angeles (LAX) – Seoul (ICN)

OZ735/736 Seoul (ICN) – Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) – Seoul (ICN)

OZ711/712 Seoul (ICN) – Taipei (TPE) – Seoul (ICN)

OZ701/702 Seoul (ICN) – Manila (MNL) – Seoul (ICN)

OZ745/746 Seoul (ICN) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Seoul (ICN)

OZ727/728 Seoul (ICN) – Hanoi (HAN) – Seoul (ICN)

Atlas Air – 3 examples in service

N263SG 29263/1204 Boeing 747-481

N322SG 30322/1250 Boeing 747-481

N464MC 26341/902 Boeing 747-446

Operate flights:

5Y100/101 Houston (IAH) – Luanda (LAD) – Houston (IAH)

These aircraft operate plenty of miscellaneous charter flights, with the aircraft registered N***MC primarily used for military charter flights and N263SG primarily used for sports teams charter flights. In the Winter during college football bowl game season and the Super Bowl are when these aircraft are the most common.

British Airways – 32 examples in service

The British Airways 747-400 is the backbone of the long-haul fleet, with the entire fleet to be gone sometime after 2020. Serving most of the airlines’ major North American destinations and some key cities in the Middle East and Africa, the 747-400 remains the Speedbird flagship. The incoming 787-9 Dreamliner’s and 777’s are slowly filling in for these aging birds on the long-haul routes.

G-BNLK 24053/790 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVI 25814/1079 Boeing 747-436 *OneWorld special livery

G-BNLN 24056/802 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVJ 25817/1102 Boeing 747-436

G-BNLP 24058/828 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVK 25818/1104 Boeing 747-436 *OneWorld special livery

G-CIVL 27478/1108 Boeing 747-436 *OneWorld special livery

G-BYGA 28855/1190 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVM 28700/1116 Boeing 747-436 *OneWorld special livery

G-BYGB 28856/1194 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVN 28848/1129 Boeing 747-436

G-BYGC 25823/1195 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVO 28849/1135 Boeing 747-436

G-BYGD 28857/1196 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVP 28850/1144 Boeing 747-436

G-BYGE 28858/1198 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVR 25820/1146 Boeing 747-436

G-BYGF 25824/1200 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVS 28851/1148 Boeing 747-436

G-GYGG 28859/1212 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVT 25821/1149 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVU 25810/1154 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVB 25811/1018 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVC 25812/1022 Boeing 747-436 *OneWorld special livery / G-CIVW 25822/1157 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVD 27349/1048 Boeing 747-436 *OneWorld special livery / G-CIVX 28852/1172 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVE 27350/1050 Boeing 747-436 / G-CIVY 28853/1178 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVF 25434/1058 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVG 25813/1059 Boeing 747-436

G-CIVH 25809/1078 Boeing 747-436

Operate flights:

BA106/107 London (LHR) – Dubai (DXB) – London (LHR)

BA111/112 London (LHR) – New York (JFK) – London (LHR)

BA48/49 London (LHR) – Seattle (SEA) – London (LHR)

BA274/275 London (LHR) – Las Vegas (LAS) – London (LHR)

BA296/297 London (LHR) – Chicago (ORD) – London (LHR)

BA172/173 London (LHR) – New York (JFK) – London (LHR)

BA216/217 London (LHR) – Washington (IAD) – London (LHR)

BA78/81 London (LHR) – Accra (ACC) – London (LHR)

BA58/59 London (LHR) – Cape Town (CPT) – London (LHR)

BA64/65 London (LHR) – Nairobi (NBO) – London (LHR)

BA206/207 London (LHR) – Miami (MIA) – London (LHR)

BA288/289 London (LHR) – Phoenix (PHX) – London (LHR)

BA192/193 London (LHR) – Dallas (DFW) – London (LHR)

BA54/57 London (LHR) – Johannesburg (JNB) – London (LHR)

BA262/263 London (LHR) – Riyadh (RUH) – London (LHR)

BA284/285 London (LHR) – San Francisco (SFO) – London (LHR)

BA156/157 London (LHR) – Kuwait City (KWI) – London (LHR)

BA202/203 London (LHR) – Boston (BOS) – London (LHR

China Airlines – 3 examples in service

Since the recent retirement of the airlines’ Airbus A340-300 aircraft, it has been rumored that the 747-400 is next on the chopping block. The Boeing 777-300ER will replace the 747 on most routes, as well as the A330-300, of which one of our writers flew on recently between Tokyo and Taipei. You can read that here:

B-18211 33735/1354 Boeing 747-409

B-18212 33736/1357 Boeing 747-409

B-18215 33737/1358 Boeing 747-409 *SkyTeam special livery

Operates flights:

CI527/528 Taipei (TPE) – Shenzhen (SZX) – Taipei (TPE)

CI641/642 Taipei (TPE) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Taipei (TPE)

CI120/121 Taipei (TPE) – Naha (OKA) – Taipei (TPE)

CI130/131 Taipei (TPE) – Sapporo (CTS) – Taipei (TPE)

CI833/834 Taipei (TPE) – Bangkok (BKK) – Taipei (TPE)

CI100/101 Taipei (TPE) – Tokyo (NRT) – Taipei (TPE)

CI521/522 Taipei (TPE) – Guangzhou (CAN) – Taipei (TPE)


Corsair – 2 examples in service

Corsair recently released their 747 retirement plans, with F-GTUI to leave the fleet in September 2020, F-HSEA in April 2021, and F-HSUN in September 2021.

F-GTUI 26875/931 Boeing 747-422

F-HSUN 26880/984 Boeing 747-422


Operates flights:

SS924/925 Paris (ORY) – Fort-de-France (FDF) – Paris (ORY)

SS910/911 Paris (ORY) – Saint-Denis (RUN) – Paris (ORY)

SS824/825 Paris (ORY) – Djerba (DJE) – Paris (ORY)

SS926/927 Paris (ORY) – Pointe-a-Pitre (PTP) – Paris (ORY)

SS174/175 Saint-Denis (RUN) – Antananarivo (TNR) – Saint-Denis (RUN)

Delta Air Lines – 6 examples in service

For decades, the 747 has been the flagship of Delta’s fleet. Now based out of Detroit, the airline plans on retiring the aircraft as whole in December of this year, with the routes to be replaced by the new Airbus A350-900 coming online, which we have done an analysis article on. You can read that here. 

N666US 2382/742 Boeing 747-451


N667US 24222/799 Boeing 747-451

N668US 24223/800 Boeing 747-451

N669US 24224/803 Boeing 747-451

N670US 24225/804 Boeing 747-451

N674US 30269/1232 Boeing 747-451

Operates flights:

DL158/159 Detroit (DTW) – Seoul (ICN) – Detroit (DTW)

DL275/276 Detroit (DTW) – Tokyo (NRT) – Detroit (DTW)

DL576/577 Honolulu (HNL) – Tokyo (NRT) – Honolulu (HNL)

DL582/583 Detroit (DTW) – Shanghai (PVG) – Detroit (DTW)

El Al Israel Airlines – 5 examples in service

The 747 for El Al will be gone by 2020, in favor of the brand new 787-9’s coming online, featuring new premium class seats and economy service. You can check out some interior photos of the aircraft here.

4X-ELA 26055/1027 Boeing 747-458

4X-ELB 26056/1032 Boeing 747-458

4X-ELC 27915/1062 Boeing 747-458

4X-ELD 29328/1215 Boeing 747-458

4X-ELE 26551/1045 Boeing 747-412 This example has been singled out by the airline as the only 747 retirement the airline will make in 2017, with ELE exiting the fleet in December of this year.

Operates flights:

LY1/2 Tel Aviv (TLV) – New York (JFK) – Tel Aviv (TLV)

LY7/8 Tel Aviv (TLV) – New York (JFK) – Tel Aviv (TLV)

LY11/12 Tel Aviv (TLV) – New York (JFK) – Tel Aviv (TLV)

LY326/327 Tel Aviv (TLV) – Paris (CDG) – Tel Aviv (TLV)

LY315/316 Tel Aviv (TLV) – London (LHR) – Tel Aviv (TLV)

Iraqi Airways – 1 example in service

YI-ASA 28433/1290 Boeing 747-4H6

Operates flights:

IA201/202 Baghdad (BGW) – Ankara (ESB) – Baghdad (BGW)

IA131/132 Baghdad (BGW) – Beirut (BEY) – Baghdad (BGW)

IA421/422 Baghdad (BGW) – Baku (GYD) – Baghdad (BGW)

IA163/164 Baghdad (BGW) – Amman (AMM) – Baghdad (BGW)

IA101/102 Baghdad (BGW) – Cairo (CAI) – Baghdad (BGW)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – 14 examples in service

KLM has used the 747 for long-haul flights for decades, and the -400 variant is to be around until 2020, according to the airline. The new Boeing 777-300ER’s and 787-9 Dreamliner’s being put online are replacing the 747 on most routes, which are primarily American destinations that require lots of daily passengers.

PH-BFB 24000/732 Boeing 747-406 / PH-BFR 27202/1014 Boeing 747-406 (M)

PH-BFC 23982/735 Boeing 747-406 (M) / PH-BFS 28195/1090 Boeing 747-406 (M)

PH-BFF 24202/770 Boeing 747-406 (M) / PH-BFT 28459/1112 Boeing 747-406 (M)

PH-BFG 24517/782 Boeing 747-406  / PH-BFU 28196/1127 Boeing 747-406 (M)

PH-BFH 24518/783 Boeing 747-406 (M) / PH-BFV 28460/1225 Boeing 747-406 (M)

PH-BFI 25086/850 Boeing 747-406 (M) / PH-BFW 30454/1258 Boeing 747-406 (M)

PH-BFL 25356/888 Boeing 747-406

PH-BFN 26372/969 Boeing 747-406

Operates flights:

KL887/888 Amsterdam (AMS) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL611/612 Amsterdam (AMS) – Chicago (ORD) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL601/602 Amsterdam (AMS) – Los Angeles (LAX) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL855/856 Amsterdam (AMS) – Seoul (ICN) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL685/686 Amsterdam (AMS) – Mexico City (MEX) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL661/662 Amsterdam (AMS) – Houston (IAH) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL735/736 Amsterdam (AMS) – Willemstad (CUR) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL565/566 Amsterdam (AMS) – Nairobi (NBO) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL713/714 Amsterdam (AMS) – Paramaribo (PBM) – Amsterdam (AMS)

KL605/606 Amsterdam (AMS) – San Francisco (SFO) – Amsterdam (AMS)

Korean Air – 3 examples in service

Korean Air intends to retire its entire 747 fleet by the end of this year, with the aircraft due to be replaced by new Boeing 777-300ER’s and Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner’s coming online to take over long-haul and regional routes.

HL7402 26407/1155 Boeing 747-4B5

HL7460 26404/1107 Boeing 747-4B5

HL7461 26405/1118 Boeing 747-4B5

Operates flights:

KE1233/1240 Seoul (GMP) – Jeju (CJU) – Seoul (GMP)

KE1211/1218 Seoul (GMP) – Jeju (CJU) – Seoul (GMP)

KE1253/1260 Seoul (GMP) – Jeju (CJU) – Seoul (GMP)

KE841/842 Seoul (ICN) – Qingdao (TAO) – Seoul (ICN)

KE721/722 Seoul (ICN) – Osaka (KIX) – Seoul (ICN)

KE651/652 Seoul (ICN) – Bangkok (BKK) – Seoul (ICN)

KE601/602 Seoul (ICN) – Hong Kong (ICN) – Seoul (ICN)

KE623/624 Seoul (ICN) – Manila (MNL) – Seoul (ICN)

KE833/834 Seoul (ICN) – Shenyang (SHE) – Seoul (ICN)

KE703/704 Seoul (ICN) – Tokyo (NRT) – Seoul (ICN)

Lufthansa – 11 examples in service

The airline has announced plans that they will retire the -400 variant by the end of 2021, with the Boeing 747-8i and A330 aircraft replacing it on its’ long-haul routes. The 747 has served Lufthansa for over 40 years.

D-ABVT 28287/1110 Boeing 747-430

D-ABTL 29872/1299 Boeing 747-430 / D-ABVU 29492/1191 Boeing 747-430

D-ABVW 29493/1205 Boeing 747-430

D-ABVO 28086/1080 Boeing 747-430 / D-ABVX 29868/1237 Boeing 747-430

D-ABVP 28284/1103 Boeing 747-430 / D-ABVY 29869/1261 Boeing 747-430

D-ABVR 28285/1106 Boeing 747-430 / D-ABVZ 29870/1264 Boeing 747-430

D-ABVS 28286/1109 Boeing 747-430

Operates flights:

LH470/471 Frankfurt (FRA) – Toronto (YYZ) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH464/465 Frankfurt (FRA) – Orlando (MCO) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH492/493 Frankfurt (FRA) – Vancouver (YVR) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH600/601 Frankfurt (FRA) – Tehran (IKA) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH446/447 Frankfurt (FRA) – Denver (DEN) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH490/491 Frankfurt (FRA) – Seattle (SEA) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH416/417 Frankfurt (FRA) – Washington (IAD) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH756/757 Frankfurt (FRA) – Mumbai (BOM) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH442/443 Frankfurt (FRA) – Detroit (DTW) – Frankfurt (FRA)

LH732/733 Frankfurt (FRA) – Shanghai (PVG) – Frankfurt (FRA)

Qantas Airways – 10 examples in service

Qantas has said in recent announcements that the 747 will be gone from the fleet by 2020, to be replaced by the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Qantas has historically been one of the premiere 747 global operators, since purchasing their first example as Trans Australia Airways back in the 1980’s. The new 787-9 has already made a large mark in the Qantas fleet, and is due to fly the first ever direct flight between mainland Australia and London in history. You can read about that new route in our April 30th edition of “Routes of the Week.”

VH-OEB 25778/983 Boeing 747-48E

VH-OEE 32909/1308 Boeing 747-438 (ER)

VH-OEF 32910/1313 Boeing 747-438 (ER) *OneWorld special livery

VH-OEG 32911/1320 Boeing 747-438 (ER)

VH-OEH 32912/1321 Boeing 747-438 (ER)

VH-OEI 32913/1330 Boeing 747-438 (ER)

VH-OEJ 32914/1331 Boeing 747-438 (ER) *Socceroo’s Sticker

VH-OJS 25564/1230 Boeing 747-438

VH-OJT 25565/1233 Boeing 747-438

VH-OJU 25566/1239 Boeing 747-438

Operates flights:

QF27/28 Sydney (SYD) – Santiago (SCL) – Sydney (SYD)

QF63/64 Sydney (SYD) – Johannesburg (JNB) – Sydney (SYD)

QF127/128 Sydney (SYD) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Sydney (SYD)

QF25/26 Sydney (SYD) – Tokyo (HND) – Sydney (SYD)

QF73/74 Sydney (SYD) – San Francisco (SFO) – Sydney (SYD)

QF11/12 Sydney (SYD) – Los Angeles (LAX) – New York (JFK) – Los Angeles (LAX) – Brisbane (BNE)

QF15/16 Brisbane (BNE) – Los Angeles (LAX) – Brisbane (BNE)

Rossiya Russian Airlines – 8 examples in service

Interestingly, Rossiya has not released any plans on replacing its’ aging 747 aircraft. The 777-300ER’s the airline currently operates are slowly being transferred to Emirates, leaving aviation enthusiasts intrigued by the future of these jets in Siberia.

EI-XLC 27100/1236 Boeing 747-446

EI-XLD 26360/1166 Boeing 747-446 *Features the tiger print on the nose of the aircraft.

EI-XLE 26362/1202 Boeing 747-446

EI-XLF 27645/1262 Boeing 747-446

EI-XLG 29899/1208 Boeing 747-446

EI-XLH 27650/1234 Boeing 747-446

EI-XLI 27648/1253 Boeing 747-446

EI-XLM 28028/1270 Boeing 747-412

Operates flights:

SU6487/6488 Moscow (VKO) – Khabarovsk (KHV) – Moscow (VKO)

SU6144/6145 Moscow (VKO) – Simferopol (SIP) – St. Petersburg (LED) – Simferopol (SIP) – Moscow (VKO)

FV5875/5876 Moscow (VKO) – Phuket (HKT) – Moscow (VKO)

FV5803/5804 Yekaterinburg (SVX) – Larnaca (LCA) – Yekaterinburg (SVX)

FV5501/5502 Moscow (VKO) – Sochi (AER) – Moscow (VKO)

FV5871/5872 Moscow (VKO) – Bangkok (BKK) – Moscow (VKO)

Royal Air Maroc – 1 example in service

CN-RGA 25629/956 Boeing 747-428

Operates flights:

AT3846/3847 Casablanca (CMN) – Tangier (TNG) – Paris (CDG) – Casablanca (CMN)

AT208/209 Casablanca (CMN) – Montreal (YUL) – Casablanca (CMN)

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) – 2 examples in service

Saudia leases all seven of their 747-400’s from Air Atlanta Icelandic, and are most often found at major airports in the Middle East and Indonesia during the annual Hajj, where the airline brings hundreds of thousands of pilgrims to Jeddah and Medina for the massive event for those of the Muslim faith. Writers Omer Alamin and Nick McGowan did a piece on the aviation side of Hajj here.

TF-AAJ 32869/1327 Boeing 747-428

TF-AAL 32871/1343 Boeing 747-428

Operates flights:

SV3385/3386 Jeddah (JED) – Cairo (CAI) – Jeddah (JED)

SV4751/5751 Jeddah (JED) – Cochin (COK) – Jeddah (JED)

SV4511/5511 Jeddah (JED) – Surabaya (SUB) – Jeddah (JED)

SV4725/5725 Jeddah (JED) – Palembang (PLM) – Jeddah (JED)

SV4831/5831 Jeddah (JED) – Kuwait City (KWI) – Jeddah (JED)

SV6464/9840 Jeddah (JED) – Dammam (DMM) – Jeddah (JED)

SV3423/9624 Jeddah (JED) – Addis Ababa (ADD) – Jeddah (JED)

Thai Airways International – 10 examples in service

Thai Airways announced this year that their 747 fleet will be gone by 2020, in favor of the Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, Airbus A350-900, and Airbus A330-300 aircraft. In recent years, the 747 has quickly disappeared from the European skies, where the type used to be the most prominent. Now, you can find the type on some select intra-Asia flights and the daily flight from Bangkok to Munich and Sydney.

HS-TGA 32369/1273 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGB 32370/1278 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGF 33770/1335 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGG 33771/1337 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGO 26609/1001 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGP 26610/1047 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGW 27724/1111 Boeing 747-4D7 *Star Alliance special livery

HS-TGX 27725/1134 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGY 28705/1164 Boeing 747-4D7

HS-TGZ 28706/1214 Boeing 747-4D7

Operate flights:

TG606/607 Bangkok (BKK) – Hong Kong (HKG) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG924/925 Bangkok (BKK) – Munich (MUC) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG658/659 Bangkok (BKK) – Seoul (ICN) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG317/318 Bangkok (BKK) – Mumbai (BOM) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG682/683 Bangkok (BKK) – Tokyo (HND) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG622/623 Bangkok (BKK) – Osaka (KIX) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG670/671 Bangkok (BKK) – Sapporo (CTS) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG471/472 Bangkok (BKK) – Sydney (SYD) – Bangkok (BKK)

TG431/432 Bangkok (BKK) – Denpasar (DPS) – Bangkok (BKK)

United Airlines – 2 examples in service

United has been operating the 747 for decades, and has been the flagship of the fleet for that long. Due to a large sum of Boeing 777-300ER’s coming online in recent months, the 747 for United has been disappearing at a fast rate. The final revenue flight for the type at United will be October 29th of this year, operating flight UA893 from Seoul-Incheon to San Francisco. We did an analysis on the type, “The United Airlines Boeing 747: A Piece of American Aviation History.”


N118UA 28811/1201 Boeing 747-422

N121UA 29167/1211 Boeing 747-422


Virgin Atlantic Airways – 7 examples in service

It is assumed by enthusiasts that the Virgin Atlantic 747 will be gone sometime between 2019 and 2021, soon after the Airbus A350-1000’s on order come online to cover some of the airlines’ flagship routes to tourist hotspots like Las Vegas, Orlando, and Cancun.

G-VAST 28757/1117 Boeing 747-41R

G-VBIG 26255/1081 Boeing 747-4Q8

G-VGAL 32337/1272 Boeing 747-443

G-VLIP 32338/1274 Boeing 747-443

G-VROM 32339/1275 Boeing 747-443

G-VROS 30885/1268 Boeing 747-443

G-VROY 32340/1277 Boeing 747-443

Operates flights:

VS43/44 London (LGW) – Las Vegas (LAS) – London (LGW)

VS75/76 Manchester (MAN) – Orlando (MCO) – Manchester (MAN)

VS119/120 London (LGW) – Varadero (VRA) – London (LGW)

VS85/86 Manchester (MAN) – Las Vegas (LAS) – Manchester (MAN)

VS72 Glasgow (GLA) – Orlando (MCO) – Glasgow (GLA)

VS93/94 London (LGW) – Cancun (CUN) – London (LGW)

VS65/66 London (LGW) – Montego Bay (MBJ) – London (LGW)

Wamos Air – 4 examples in service

With what little information we know about this relatively mysterious airline, we can assume the 747’s they operate will operate on very sporadic schedules with little information on where to find them. There is no known replacement for the aircraft, but your best bet at snagging a Wamos 747 is at Madrid-Barajas Airport in Spain. Otherwise, it’s a flip of a coin.

EC-KQC 26549/1030 Boeing 747-412

EC-KSM 27178/1015 Boeing 747-41

EC-MDS 26910/1180 Boeing 747-419

EC-MRM 28435/1152 Boeing 747-4H6

Operates flights:

GA8106/8107 Jeddah (JED) – Jakarta (CGK) – Jeddah (JED)

GA5117/5118 Madrid (MAD) – Jeddah (JED) – Madrid (MAD)

EB1003/1103 Madrid (MAD) – Cancun (CUN) – Madrid (MAD)

EB4008/4108 Madrid (MAD) – Punta Cana (PUJ) – Madrid (MAD)


Featured photo by Layoverhub writer Max Trimm.

All photos by Layoverhub writers Max Trimm or David Xian, unless watermarked. 

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