SAS – Scandinavian Airlines has today the 23 of January announced a new order from Airbus: the airline ordered the the new Airbus A321LR aircraft.

SAS recently started overhauling their fleet with a large order of 50 of the smaller A320neo. SAS also plans to take delivery of their first A350 sometime in 2019. These new aircraft deliveries aim to replace and update their aging A340 and B737 fleet.

SAS has ordered 3 A321LR aircraft, an excellent strategic addition to the long-haul fleet. The A321LR can be deployed to thinner routes that may not support the capacity of a widebody such as an A330 or A340. The new aircraft can in turn fly routes from smaller cities that are not the size of their main hubs Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. With its exceptional long range, the A321LR can reach long haul destinations such as the U.S East Coast and Canada. In the respective press-release, SAS pointed out how these planes can fly routes to the US, Middle-east, and India, hinting at new routes being started with the arrival of the new airplanes.

With this order, SAS has added to an already significant order list with Airbus. Part of the reason the airline’s commitment to Airbus is its strong environmental focus. The A320neos, A321LRs, and A350s they have on order perform with significantly smaller environmental impact than their predecessor aircraft. SAS is currently one of the leading airlines in Europe for sustainable travel by operating state-of-the-art aircraft, recycling waste, and using bio-fuel on selected flights.

The first A321LR will be delivered to SAS in the first quarter of 2020. SAS has not released any of the routes in which the aircraft is planned to fly yet.

Featured image by SAS

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