New Canadian ultra-low-cost carrier Swoop has released its schedule for the 2018/2019 winter schedule. The lineup includes a new route between Edmonton and Abbotsford.

Swoop’s winter schedule includes the five destinations that Swoop already serves, including Edmonton, Hamilton, Halifax, Abbotsford, and Winnipeg.

“We are thrilled to welcome Swoop’s new daily service to Abbotsford,” said Tom Ruth, President and Chief Executive Officer of Edmonton International Airport. “We know there is a strong demand for service to Abbotsford and we are very happy to see Swoop respond with an excellent three times daily service schedule.”

“In the past few years, the Abbotsford International Airport has seen unprecedented growth in passenger volumes and flight options, providing convenience and low-cost opportunities to an increasing number of destinations,” said Abbotsford Mayor Henry Braun. “This announcement will provide greater connectivity between Alberta and British Columbia, continuing to support economic development across the Fraser Valley Region.”

Swoop will fly between Edmonton and Hamilton 11 times per week during the winter season. The Edmonton to Abbotsford route will be served 16 times per week. Swoop will fly between Hamilton and both Winnipeg and Halifax six times per week, while it will fly between Hamilton and Abbotsford 10 times per week.

Swoop started operations on June 20, 2018. The carrier has so far been well received by travellers.

“Swoop has been endorsed by Canadian travellers in the way that matters most, they are buying seats,” said Michael Claeren, Senior Leader of Revenue and Pricing. “With strong sales going into the fall and full aircraft throughout the summer, we are proud to offer non-stop ultra-low-cost flight options from coast-to-coast.”

Swoop recently took delivery of the third aircraft in its fleet. The aircraft will begin service on July 25th on a flight from Abbotsford to Edmonton.

In a country where low-cost air travel is noticeably lacking, multiple different ultra-low-cost startups have been revealed in recent months as investors and airlines alike try to capitalize on low-cost, no-frills travel. Another planned airline, Canada Jetlines, plans to start operating by around 2020; that airline recently leased two Airbus A320s in order to launch services as soon as possible.

Swoop was created by WestJet, another Canadian low-cost airline. Swoop, like many other ultra-low-cost airlines notorious for high “miscellaneous” fees, is a no-frills airline that charges passengers for basic add-ons like in-flight snacks or bringing carry-on luggage onto the plane.

Featured image by Swoop

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