On August 3rd, I flew from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) to Dallas Forth Worth International Airport (DFW). It was my first time travelling on an American A319, and my second time overall on an Airbus aircraft.

Cleveland was dealing with thunderstorms throughout the day. (Photo: Layoverhub / Kristina Harrington)

Flight Information:

Airline: American Airlines flight 2197

Aircraft: Airbus A319 registration N8027D

Times: AA2197 Cleveland 11:30 a.m. departure -> Dallas/Fort Worth 1:14 p.m. arrival

Route: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE/KCLE) to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW/KDFW)

Class/Seat: Economy / 11D

CLE is a somewhat small airport, and United has a relatively large presence there, after being a United hub up until 2013. As I arrived, I got my bags checked relatively quickly and went to the security line. I wasn’t TSA Pre-Checked, but going through security only took about 10 minutes. On the contrary, at my home airport, DFW, not being TSA Pre Checked might put someone in a long line with a half hour wait.

Afterwards, I spotted a little, but stopped after about 20 minutes due to inactivity at the airport. I caught an Atlas 747-400, Southwest 737, and also photographed a fellow writer, Jack Sann, leaving to Newark.

Atlas Air was the surprise catch of the day, operating a military charter flight. (Photo: Layoverhub / Kristina Harrington)
Southwest (as usual in the United States) has a relatively large presence at CLE. ((Photo: Layoverhub / Kristina Harrington)
Fellow Layoverhub writer Jack Sann was seen pushing back on a United E145 going to Newark. ((Photo: Layoverhub / Kristina Harrington)
The United Embraer is nothing unusual at CLE airport! (Photo: Layoverhub / Kristina Harrington)

Aircraft Issues and Delay

My flight operated as flight AA2197. The aircraft, N8027D, experienced a technical or mechanical difficulty and delayed the inbound flight to Cleveland. Though not uncommon on American, my flight was delayed in order to fix the issue and take off to CLE. After about a three hour delay, I finally boarded.

The inbound flight, also flight AA2197, was delayed and spent 2 hours and 41 minutes en route to Cleveland. (Photo: Flightaware)
The outbound flight from Cleveland (The flight I was on) spent 2 hours and 35 minutes in the air, making some slight deviations over Arkansas to avoid a line of thunderstorms. (Photo: Flightaware)

Flight Experience

I sat in 11D, a window situated around the middle of the aircraft. Being short, I had relatively optimal legroom on the aircraft, but for the taller passenger seated next to me, this was not the case.

The inflight entertainment screen featuring the 3D map! (Photo: Layoverhub / Kristina Harrington)

Due to the earlier delay, the plane was not cleaned after its de-boarding process. There was some trash in the pocket of the seat to my left, and American Way magazines had not been replenished in the aisle and window seat.

After taking off, we went through clouds with severe storms and experienced turbulence. But after that, the flight was relatively smooth. We were cruising at a ground speed of around 501 mph (806 km/h) for much of our trip.

Upon reaching cruising altitude, flight attendants came with drinks and served with a smile. They were attentive and exceptionally helpful. They made small talk with a few passengers and represented some of the best of American employees, in my opinion.

There was onboard On Demand entertainment, which included movies, TV, and games. In addition, there was a map feature and arrivals information included. I utilized this feature for the map and entertainment.

The landing was somewhat turbulent, as there were lingering storms and clouds in the area of DFW.

I’ve enjoyed being a frequent flyer on American for well over ten years, and this flight was truly a representation of the best of American flights. Oddly enough, this was the first American Airlines flight I have ever been delayed on through the duration of my time flying with them. Though we were delayed, something unfortunately quite common for American, the crew worked to ensure we were on our way fast and safely. My flight was comfortable and quick, and the airline is still one of the best.

Featured photo by Layoverhub writer Max Trimm