A Turkish Airlines Airbus A321-200, registration TC-JRP, performing flight TK-1955 from Istanbul Atatürk in Turkey to Amsterdam Schiphol in the Netherlands was climbing out of  Atatürk’s runway 35L when the right side engine experienced a series of four bangs. The crew immediately stopped the climb at about 13,000ft, shut the right engine down, and returned back to Istanbul for a safe landing on runway 35R about 30 minutes after the departure.

Passengers reported there was a bang from the right hand engine. About 10 seconds later another one, and two more followed until the captain shut the engine down about 40-50 seconds after the first bang. After landing, a burning smell developed on board that was noticed by the passengers. Later, the captain explained they had to brake so hard that there was smoke from the tires.

A replacement A321-200, registration TC-JRU, reached Amsterdam with a delay of about 3 hours.

Three days after the incident, TC-JRP went back to skies.

Featured image copyrighted by Omur Sadikoglu

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