New TSA requirements announced Monday blocks passengers from bringing any electronic device larger than a cellphone (laptops, iPads, Kindles, cameras, and tablets) on flights to the United States from 13 countries, of which were labelled “confidential” by the TSA.

The new requirement requires all large electronics bigger than a cellphone to be checked in baggage, and forbids them from being carry-ons. Airlines were issued the notice Monday, and have 96 hours to comply. The rule does not include electronic flight bags (EFB), which provide flight crews with flight patterns, navigational instructions, and other documentation, which is usually provided on iPad’s or Android tablets.

Royal Jordanian Airlines of Jordan is among the effected airlines, they posted the following on Twitter as a follow-up to the announcement:

This tweet was posted on the Royal Jordanian Airlines’ official Twitter account, but was deleted hours later. (Photo: @RoyalJordanian / Twitter)

Saudia Airlines of Saudi Arabia posted a similar statement on their Twitter handle, which is in Arabic at this link.

U.S. officials have declined to comment on the ban, but an announcement is expected to be made Tuesday on anti-terrorism strategies from President of the United States, Donald Trump. The new “electronic ban” comes just months after President Trump issued an executive order banning Muslims and refugees from 7 Middle-Eastern countries, which has been temporarily blocked by the U.S. government.

More details on the ban are expected Tuesday.


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