VLM Airlines (VO) has announced that it will stop all activities with immediate effect. VLM Airlines is planning to go into liquidation. This decision was made in a meeting of its parent holding company, SHS Aviation.

VLM Airlines only owns five Fokker 50s. The base of the airline is at Antwerp Deurne (ANR/EBAW). The company started operations on 21 Feb 1992.

This news doesn’t come unexpectedly. At the beginning of August, VLM announced that it canceled almost six services, and they only left charter flights between London and Zurich. SHS Aviation sold three Fokkers to the Swedish Company Amapola a few weeks ago.

Spokesman Yves Panneels said that it’s important to note that this is not a bankruptcy.

“A liquidation makes a possible restart easier, just like negotiations with the staff,” Panneels said.

There are about 85 employees at VLM Airlines.

Featured image by Li Junjie/Aeronautics Online

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