B-HNL, a 777-200 belonging to Cathay Pacific, ended its last flight on Thursday. B-HNL is the first Boeing 777 been assembled. Its former registration is N7771, and its line number is WA001. The plane completed its first flight on 12 June 1994. The first test flight last 3 hours and 48 minutes. This was the longest first flight of any Boeing aircraft at the time. There were nine aircraft used in the test program, and WA001 was one of them. WA001 was in testing until 1997. At that time, it had 1729 flight hours and 1033 hours of ground testing. After that, N7771 was purchased by Cathay Pacific. Engines were replaced by two Rolls-Royce RB211 Trent 884B-17 engines.

The last flight was from Hong Kong to Xiamen. Afterwards, the plane taxied to HAECO (Xiamen). HAECO (Xiamen) is an aircraft engineering company.

B-HNL landing at Xiamen

The aircraft rolled out of the factory on 31 October 2000, and it was delivered to Cathay Pacific on 6 December 2000. B-HNL was configured into a two class configuration. It has a total of 335 seat with 42 Business Class seats and 293 Economy class seats. The aircraft is 23 years old now, and it has landed for the last time wearing a Cathay Pacific livery. It is currently stored at HAECO (Xiamen).

Feature Image From ZhangYiMo via WeChat

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