An IndiGo Airlines (6E) flight 6E565 with 183 people on board suffered an engine failure after it departed from Mumbai for Bengaluru (also known as Bangalore) on January 09, 2018. As soon as the aircraft started its climb followed by a southbound turn, the crew stopped climbing at 20,000 feet after an engine problem was reported, later to discover an engine failure. The pilots informed the ATC about their decision to return back and immediately declared an emergency. The flight landed safely on runway 27 about 40 minutes after its departure.

“A full emergency was declared with fire engines and ambulances on stand-by when the aircraft touched down in Mumbai,” said an airport official. The passengers safely disembarked after the incident and were taken to a replacement aircraft. The A320neo is undergoing inspection in Mumbai, whilst a replacement aircraft A320 (VT-IDT) left Mumbai for Bengaluru as 6E565 with a three-hour delay.

The aircraft involved was VT-ITV, a year old A320Neo with two PW1127G engines. Being the first “NEO” incident of the year, IndiGo has had a list of incidents previously which involved the A320NEO, IndiGo had already grounded many of their A320NEOs due to the ongoing issues with the PW1127G engine, as we reported last year. Pratt and Whitney promised to fix all the issues related to their engine by the end of 2017. As a result, IndiGo has said that it may consider a change in the engine type and switch to CFM International’s “LEAP” engines for its future deliveries.

A wet-leased Airbus A320 operated for IndiGo by Small Planet Author. Photo Credits: Author

Delayed deliveries of aircraft and major engine issues have forced IndiGo to wet lease a number of A320’s from Small Planet Airlines, to cover demand and the lack of aircraft across their network. IndiGo has 250 Airbus A320neos on order.

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