The Business class of Scandinavian Airlines speaks of itself. It is an awesome product which is almost identical to that which is used onboard Cam Force One, The RAF A330MRT that British ministers and The British Royal Family use. A few other airlines also use a design that is similar. Follow me on this trip report on the Airbus A340 in SAS Business class! 


While relaxing at home, what often hits my mind is that I must remember to fly enough so I can keep my Star Alliance Gold status. Sure enough, I often find myself on a plane by the end of the month! I ended up finding a great two-way fare on SAS`s Copenhagen-Washington DC route! trip was quite a bargain while surfing the web for the best prices. I did book this flight as a SAS Go ticket. SAS Go is SAS’s Economy class. SAS Go has been getting a variety of good upgrades after the cabin updates on the long haul fleet, especially on A330s and A340s. As the trip got closer, I found myself wanting to try out the SAS Business a second time, so I bought an upgrade to SAS Business with 20,000 Star alliance points!

The start of the trip

The trip started in my home city of Trondheim, Norway. There was a 1.5 hour leg on the Cityjet CRJ 900 between Trondheim and Copenhagen. After I arrived at Copenhagen Kastrup airport, I had to kill 4.5 hours before my flight onwards to IAD. In my spare time, I took the self-driven metro down the entire line from Kastrup to “Vanløse”, a great way to have some fun and waste some time! When I got back they had changed the scheduled aircraft type from an A330 to an A340. I had been nervous that they would change to LN-RKP, the dreaded A340 only used when anotherbaircraft can’t fly a route. That aircraft has a cabin nearly identical to the old long-haul cabin of SAS!

An hour later, I walked through the passport control and headed to my gate! A few minutes later I saw the plane at my gate was none other than OY-KBM, the SAS A340 in the Star Alliance livery. I had only seen this aircraft the summer before in Chicago when I flew SAS to Stockholm and KBM flew to Copenhagen.

A few minutes later the entire crew of my flight stylishly walked through the gate and boarded the aircraft. The crew was quick with the safety checks, and only 5 minutes later, all the passengers found themself boarding the Airbus A340. Upon boarding, all the passengers were welcomed by the pursher. SAS had stopped asking for boarding passes before entry of the plane. This is something I find to be smart, as I was holding my phone, a carry on, and my jacket, and did not have to struggle to find my boarding pass at the gate.

As I boarded the plane, I went left heading directly for business class. Because no one checked tickets, when Istopped on my way into business, they did not believe I was  traveling in business class. When I showed my boarding pass, the crew apologized and I got the first look at my seat!

For a seond time in business, this was an awesome seat! When pre-flight beverages were served, I chose orange juice. You could also have champagne or water. Soon,we pushed back from the stand and took to the skies, climbing quickly to 37,000 feet.

After reaching cruise altitude, lunch was served over Norway. The lunch started with some warm nuts. After that, drinks and appetizers were served. I chose a starter with some ham, goat cheese, and caramelized walnuts.

Soon after the crew arrived with the hot meals. My main meal was cod with mash and herb butter. They offered salt and pepper at passenger request, so you can give your meal a nice and personal touch!  The crew also asked if I wanted another drink. I was happy they asked and gladly accepted. 

The main meal had a good presentation and, a few minutes later, just as everyone in the business class was finishing up their meals, the dessert cart was brought out in the aisles. There they plated whatever you wanted from the trolley and served it.

Until the second meal service, the flight was uneventful. The walk up bar is something to comment on, though! It provides an opportunity to get some snacks and drinks outside of the regular service times.

While waiting for the second service, I decided to explore the seat. I also got a good two hours sleep mid-flight thanks to the lie-flat option. Some padding, a pillow, and a duvet were provided during the flight.

An ahour and a half before landing in Washington DC, I got my 2nd meal. This meal was a cold meal consisting of some cold cuts, fruits, a cheese quiche, and a drink. It very good, but, in business class, they could have come up with something little fancier than that.

Thirty minutes later the seatbelt sign was switched on and we started our descent into IAD. The descent and landing were smooth, and we taxied to the gate.

After parking at the stand in Washington, I had to experience the dreadful Mobile Lounge system, which wasted an hour of my day after landing.

Exploring Washington was amazing! I experienced the city for one day until, just like the crew on my first flight, I made the return trip the next day. The crew was very nice and professional! I am glad that I got the same crew on the return flight. My overall experience was great! The food, the seat, and the destination we’re all amazing! As a bonus, I could not have asked for a better crew! The extra expense of upgrading to business was definitely worth it.