In 2014, after Russia’s annexation of Crimea, Ukranian plane maker Antonov stopped producing aircraft and shut down its assembly lines.

Many parts that Antonov used in aircraft assembly were made in Russia, but Antonov stopped taking delivery of these parts due to political tensions. This loss of parts was the driving factor in Antonov’s production halt.

Earlier this month, at the Farnborough International Airshow, Boeing signed a deal with Antonov to supply parts to Antonov’s assembly line.

Boeing is now set to supply parts to Antonov’s Parts and Supplies Service Unit via Aviall, its parts, equipment, and services unit. The deal will support the production of eight aircraft per year.

“[We will build a new warehouse which] will deal with products, materials, metals, non-metals – with all components we are not able to get from our former partner, the Russian Federation,” said Oleksandr Donets, the President and CEO of Antonov. Donets added that the warehouse will be partly funded by Boeing.

Antonov is recognized around the world for building the biggest plane in the skies: the Antonov AN-225 Mirya. The manufacturer is currently producing a twin turbo plane for military transportation with help from Saudi Arabia.

The new parts will contribute to the building of the new AN-132, a military transport aircraft.

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