Dublin-based MRO Dublin Aerospace announced on the 12th of September that they had been awarded Boeing “Gold Fleet Care” vendor status for their base maintenance, APU, and landing gear overhaul services relating to the US aircraft manufacturer’s 737NG and Classic families.

Deputy CEO Kevin Wall was keen to point out what this means to his company as they continue to operate in an increasingly competitive market sector. He said, “We are delighted to become an approved vendor for such a prestigious company as Boeing. I am extremely proud of our engineers on the hangar floor, their continued work and dedication over the years has led to this being possible.”

Being able to draw on over 50 years of maintenance experience from their current location, 8 of the most recent years under their own name, Dublin Aerospace has gone from being a minor player in the market to a powerhouse with regards to their Boeing family contracts, and customers continue to flock to the highly experienced maintenance operator, especially when the job is time sensitive. Jobs such as a sudden unscheduled maintenance visits or A-checks, and where other operations would turn such minor checks away, DAL strive to serve all customers to the best of their ability.

This new service agreement means Dublin Aerospace is now a Boeing approved vendor to provide Gold Fleet Care customers with full maintenance repair and overhaul capabilities not available from typical MRO’s, and alongside their multiple international approvals such as FAA, TCCA Repair Station, and EASA 145, they have found themselves with quite a unique advantage.

Existing Dublin Aerospace customers range from venerable low-cost operator Jet2 to international aircraft lessors SMBC, and with this feather added to their cap, DAL’s 737 customer base will continue to expand internationally.

All photos by Layoverhub writer James Cahalin. 

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