On Monday in Frankfurt, the founders of the “revived” LTU (LTyou) met with future investors for investment in the carrier. The founders wish to bring LTU back into the skies, as it was merged into Air Berlin, which ceased operations in October 2017, in 2009.

Back in LTU’s heyday, the carrier was known for its superb service and for bringing many german holiday-makers abroad during the winter and summer holidays. Sven Scholten, one of the founders of LTU, stated that the “beauty of the past’ will be in line with the “innovation of the future”. He also believes that the last meeting and other key actions done in the last few months are “an important milestone” for the new start-up.

The start-up’s logo. Photo credits: Ch-aviation

Presently, the carrier has only officially planned the merger of the newly-created LTyou GmbH with LTyou UG, which has been in existence since last year. The two entities will be merged later this year.

In assisting the carrier’s plans to start operations, TRS has been consulting GmbH, which has helped LTyou to research the current market.  This analysis was just completed. The analysis has brought the conclusion that there is sufficient demand for long haul flights between Germany and niche markets. This nature of service will be LTU’s main focus.

Scholten did not specify which German airport LTU will operate from, as its competitors are keeping an eye on the carrier. Scholten did specify, though, that the carrier will not operate from Dusseldorf due to the great “pressure of competition” from airlines like Condor and Eurowings.

Featured image from focus.de

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