Bulgarian Eagle, an Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance (ACMI) airline founded by the Germania Group, received its Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from Bulgaria’s aviation authorities last week.

Germania says that Bulgarian Eagle will start off with one aircraft: the Airbus A319 will be based at London Gatwick, and will feature regular Germania livery except for the text “Operated by Bulgarian Eagle” printed on the side. You can see this text printed on the plane in the featured image. The aircraft will initially operate on Germania routes.

“From the very start, wet lease was an important feature of Germania’s operations, and now we are strengthening once again,” said Germania CEO Karsten Balke.

“We are delighted with the start of flight operations and with our close cooperation and integration with the Germania Group,” said Ralf Nagle, CEO and Accountable Manager of Bulgarian Eagle and former FlyEgypt pilot. “As our fleet expands, we can well imagine that, in the future, we will also make our services available to other airlines.”

For a time, a large part of the Germania fleet was rented out under wet lease agreements. A wet lease is an agreement in which one airline, the lessor, provides an aircraft, a crew, maintenance, and insurance to another airline acting as an agent of air travel, or the lessee. However, as contract periods became shorter, Germania was no longer able to offer wet-lease options. That is reflected in other aspects of Germania’s current business structure, as well as in the new move to fund Bulgarian Eagle.

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