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Welcome to Layoverhub!

We are an Aviation news and media site run by young aviation enthusiasts.

Layoverhub.net was founded on Saturday, March 11th, 2017.

Who are we?

My name is David Xian and I am currently a high school student on Long Island, New York. I have been captivated by aviation since my youth and hope to work in the aviation industry in the future.

My name is Nick McGowan and I am a high school student in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve grown up around aviation; when I was 2, my dad would take me on the weekend down to Midway Airport on the CTA Orange Line, and we would watch the planes take off. Since then, my interest in aviation has blossomed, and I’ve always looked towards the skies for inspiration and possibly a career.

What is your goal for Layoverhub?

David- My main goal with Layoverhub is to create an aviation and travel news site sourced mainly by young aviation enthusiasts. Unlike any other aviation news websites, Layoverhub nurtures an exclusive atmosphere where anybody with an interest in our four topics: Industry Talk, Flyer Talk, Traveler talk, and Spotter Talk” are encouraged to write and report for us.

Nick- David and I started talking about the idea for Layoverhub back in November 2016, when both of us were frustrated with the lack of opportunities for people to share their love of aviation outside of photography, which both of us embraced on Instagram. Layoverhub is one of the first, if not the first websites, to use open sourced news articles in order to generate content, and our goal with this project is to give other youth the chance to share their writing skills and passion for aviation with the world, in an innovative news and media outlet.

Personal statement:

David- One thing I would like every reader to know is the importance of making connections early. Like many other industries, the aviation industry is very tight knit. I can personally attest that it is very common to meet someone in the aviation industry who recognizes or is (surprisingly often) close with your other friends in the industry. As the industry has doubled in size over the past decade and is projected to continue growing at this incredible rate, getting your foot in the door early grows exceedingly important for attaining a job in aviation.

I hope to use Layoverhub to help youth connect with aviation jobs by hosting career exploration events around the world, having adults write about their experiences in industry, and helping students to build connections to fellow young enthusiasts and future employers.


Nick- For me, aviation has been more than just a hobby; its been an interest that has enabled me to make friends across the world, and I’m able to talk to friends on a daily basis in the UK, Germany, Hong Kong, and so many other places about aviation — something that I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago when I wasn’t into aviation photography and sharing what I love with the world. David and I are both working to use Layoverhub as a community to allow people to connect, and create those friendships across nations that I’ve been able to experience myself, not to mention create a foundation for those interested in a career in aviation to find friends, mentors, and contacts here.

Regardless of your career, dreams or depth of passion in aviation, I hope that you enjoy visiting Layoverhub and feel free to reach out anytime on Instagram, @chicagospotter.



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