Thursday afternoon, Air France announced that their new startup carrier designated for the enjoyment of the millennial demographic, Joon, will get seven new destinations. This news comes just hours before the first day of Joon operations to Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto, the inaugural set of destinations for this “airline for the next generation.”

Whilst none of the seven destinations announced today are “new” in the Air France system, they will be handed over from mainline Air France to Joon, a low-cost sub-carrier in the AF family.

The new destinations are Istanbul (7 flights/week), Naples (14 flights/week), Oslo (18 flights/week), Rome (49 flights/week), Cairo (7 flights/week), Cape Town (3 flights/week), and Tehran (3 flights/week).

The European destinations (Istanbul, Naples, Oslo, and Rome) will be operated by the airlines’ Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft, both configured in a high-density layout to maximize profit and available seat miles. These four new routes will begin March 25, 2018, and are starting at 39 euros for economy seats. All passengers also have access to “YouJoon,” an inflight streaming system that is available on all mobile devices.

As for the long-haul destinations (Cairo, Cape Town, and Tehran), newly-refurbished Airbus A340 aircraft will operate the routes, with each seat having new, personal touch-screen TV’s.

Onboard the Airbus A320/A321 aircraft used for intra-Europe flights, the new interior will look like so:

Joon follows a recent trend of creating low-cost, long-haul airlines to accommodate to budget travelers. With Spanish carrier Iberia launching “LEVEL,” which operates Airbus A330 aircraft from the airlines’ hub in Barcelona, Spain to Los Angeles, Oakland, Punta Cana, and Buenos Aires. Earlier this year, WestJet launched the project of starting “Swoop,” a new low-cost airline that will be based out of Calgary Airport in Alberta. The airline has plans to officially take the skies in Spring of 2018, operating six Boeing 737-800 aircraft to Abbotsford, Hamilton, Waterloo, and Windsor in Canada.

The airline noted in a press release, “In total, for the 2018 summer season, Joon will fly to 13 destinations with 228 flights a week from Paris-CDG – Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon, Naples, Oslo, Porto and Rome on the medium-haul network and Fortaleza, Cairo, Cape Town, Mahé and Tehran on the long-haul network.”

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