A United Express landed at Denver International Airport with fire in one of its engines earlier today. Sixty five (65) passengers and crew were forced to evacuate the plane on the runway. No injuries have been reported.

It is not currently known when or how the engine caught fire. However, one passenger reports that the fire erupted after the Bombardier CRJ-701 was on the ground.

A United CRJ-701. A similar aircraft landed in Denver with engine trouble.
Photo Source: JetPhotos / Thomas Yin

“Quick and immediate response. First responders on runway. Huge thanks to pilot and crew for helping get passengers off safe,” tweeted the passenger.

The flight, UA5869, was operated by SkyWest, a regional carrier in the area.

“Arriving SkyWest flight 5869 was reported on fire, all passengers evacuated safely with no injuries,” said a statement released by Denver International Airport. “Denver Fire is on scene assessing. All runways are now open as investigation into the fire continues. Other airport operations remain unaffected.”

The flight landed at about 2:20pm local time. It had flown in from Aspen, Colorado, which was about an hour’s flight away.

This is a developing story, and an investigation is ongoing. This article may be updated as more information is released.

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