Dublin-based carrier Ryanair has recently announced new service to it’s 34th country, Ukraine. The incredibly successful low-cost airline will open 4 new routes from Kiev-Borispil and 7 new routes from Lviv Airport.

“The arrival of Ryanair is without exaggeration, a remarkable event for Ukraine.” said the countries’ Minister of Infrastructure, Volodymyr Omelyan.

Initial prices for the flights are only €19.99, which is the primary reason Ryanair is able to expand at the rate they do. Earlier this month, the airline announced over 150 new routes from cities all across Europe, moving their total amount of city pairs to almost 3,000, a number no any airline has ever come close to passing. Ryanair has further proved their impressive dirt-cheap fare business model by reporting 95% load factors and an over €1B profit in 2016, making them officially the world’s most profitable airline. The airline forecasts’ that 510,000 customers would use the 11 new routes to Ukraine annually.

Ryanair operates a fleet of 381 Boeing 737-800 aircraft, operating in a 51 premium economy / 138 standard economy configuration. (Photo: Getty Images)

The flights are due to begin in late October with the following schedules:

London – Stansted (STN) to Kiev – Boryspil (KBP)                             Effective October 30th, 2017

FR2214 London – Stansted 11:50 a.m. departure -> Kiev – Boryspil 5:05 p.m. arrival  5x weekly B738

FR2215 Kiev – Boryspil 5:30 p.m. departure -> London – Stansted 6:45 p.m. arrival

Eindhoven (EIN) to Kiev – Boryspil (KBP)                                             Effective October 31st, 2017

FR1810 Eindhoven 2:55 p.m. departure -> Kiev – Boryspil 6:45 p.m. arrival  3x weekly B738

FR1811 Kiev – Boryspil 7:10 p.m. departure -> Eindhoven 9:00 p.m. arrival

Manchester (MAN) to Kiev – Boryspil (KBP)                                        Effective October 31st, 2017

FR4343 Manchester 1:30 p.m. departure -> Kiev – Boryspil 6:55 p.m. arrival  3x weekly B738

FR4344 Kiev – Boryspil 7:20 p.m. departure -> Manchester 8:45 p.m. arrival

Stockholm – Skavsta (NYO) to Kiev – Boryspil (KBP)                         Effective October 29th, 2017

FR1092 Stockholm – Skavsta 7:20 a.m. departure -> Kiev – Boryspil 10:30 a.m. arrival  4x weekly B738

FR1093 Kiev – Boryspil 10:55 a.m. departure -> Stockholm Skavsta 12:05 p.m. arrival

Berlin – Schönefeld (SXF) to Lviv (LWO)                                                Effective November 2nd, 2017

FR1713 Berlin – Schönefeld 11:05 a.m. departure -> Lviv 1:20 p.m. arrival  2x weekly B738

FR1714 Lviv 1:45 p.m. departure -> Berlin – Schönefeld 2:00 p.m. arrival

Budapest (BUD) to Lviv (LWO)                                                                   Effective November 2nd, 2017

FR4087 Budapest 12:25 p.m. departure -> Lviv 2:35 p.m. arrival  2x weekly B738

FR4088 Lviv 3:00 p.m. departure -> Budapest 3:10 p.m. arrival

Eindhoven (EIN) to Lviv (LWO)                                                               Effective October 29th, 2017

FR1812 Eindhoven 3:25 p.m. departure -> Lviv 6:40 p.m. arrival  2x weekly B738

FR1813 Lviv 7:05 p.m. departure -> Eindhoven 8:20 p.m. arrival

Krakow (KRK) to Lviv (LWO)                                                                   Effective October 31st, 2017

FR4037 Krakow 7:00 a.m. departure -> Lviv 9:00 a.m. arrival  3x weekly B738

FR4038 Lviv 9:25 a.m. departure -> Krakow 9:25 a.m. arrival

London – Stansted (STN) to Lviv (LWO)                                               Effective October 29th, 2017

FR2216 London – Stansted 7:05 a.m. departure -> Lviv 11:45 a.m. arrival  2x weekly B738

FR2217 Lviv 12:10 p.m. departure -> London – Stansted 12:50 p.m. arrival

Memmingen (FMM) to Lviv (LWO)                                                         Effective October 29th, 2017

FR1870 Memmingen 11:05 a.m. departure -> Lviv 2:05 p.m. arrival  2x weekly B738

FR1871 Lviv 2:30 p.m. departure -> Memmingen 3:30 p.m. arrival

Wroclaw (WRO) to Lviv (LWO)                                                                 Effective October 31st, 2017

FR4121 Wroclaw 6:30 p.m. departure -> Lviv 9:45 p.m. arrival  3x weekly B738

FR4122 Lviv 10:10 p.m. departure -> Wroclaw 10:25 p.m. arrival


UPDATE: As of July 12th, 2017, Ryanair has cancelled its plans to operate all 11 new routes to both Kiev and Lviv. The airline claims Kiev Airport failed to honor the agreements made earlier this year. You can read more from the press statement here.

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