An August 1, Czech charter airline Smartwingswas operating flight QS1903 from Heraklion (HER, Greece) to Pardubice (PED, Czechia) with a Boeing 737-800, registration N624XA. The landing at Pardubice wasn’t perfect; the runway was still wet from thunderstorm-associated rainfall earlier. The aircraft touched down about 950 m down the concrete runway. As the runway has an available landing distance of 2500 m, there was 1550 m of runway remaining.

The aircraft failed to come to a stop before the end of the runway and overran at a relatively slow speed. It came to rest on the grass just past the end of the runway (no paved runway end safety area available). There were no injuries, and the aircraft sustained minor if any damage. The passengers subsequently deplaned via airstairs.

The aircraft is 16 years old and already completed a flight to Brno (BRQ) without reported incident.

Featured image, video source: Passenger / Avherald. Source: Aviation Safety Network,