Yesterday, one of the world-famous Geico Skytypers planes crashed in New York. Around 13:55 EST, as the Skytypers were doing a practice formation flight, one plummeted out of the sky and crashed on Northcote Drive in Melville, New York.

This Texan T6 was based out of Republic Airport in New York and is believed to be part of the Geico Skytypers exhibit that was supposed to fly at the Jones beach airshow just a few days ago but didn’t. The aircraft that crashed was piloted by Ken Johansen. Johansen lost his life in the crash.

The aircraft hit numerous trees and came crashing from the sky, but luckily didn’t hit any houses. Johansen was too low to deploy his parachute, and the T6 doesn’t have an ejector seat, so Johansen went down with the plane.

The Skytypers were practicing the “Missing Man Manuever”, which they do when a fellow pilot has died. They’ve done a few in the past, but not recently. The NYSB is yet to release a formal report on the cause of the crash, but, hopefully, it’s not something that can jeapordize the Skytypers in future air shows.

Featured image from Geico

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