Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9127 from Wuhan (WUH) to Hohhot (HET) ran off of the runway on Saturday after a normal landing on runway 26 at HET. While exiting the runway via exit C, the Captain lost control of the direction of the aircraft. The plane slid toward the grass beside the runway. Runways 08 and 26 have been closed due to the incident. The aircraft had to wait some time for a trailer to tow it off the lawn. There was light rain in Hohhot when the accident happened.

The aircraft is a Boeing 737-800 that belongs to Shenzhen Airlines (registration number B-5412). The aircraft is 9 years old.

124 passengers and 9 crew were onboard at the time. At the time of writing, no injuries have been reported.

The incident is under investigation.

Image from Weibo:在云端小分队
Image from Weibo:在云端小分队

Image from Weibo:在云端小分队

Click here to watch a video of the incident taken by a passenger on a passing plane.

Featured Image from Weibo:在云端小分队

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